The new State Housing and Rehabilitation Plan will reach one million homes.

We are beginning to have some good news about the housing sector; at least, the objective is what is being pursued.

Thus, the Council of Ministers has approved the Royal Decree that regulates the State Plan for Housing and Rehabilitation 2019-2021, which was created with the dual objective of facilitating access to housing for citizens with more difficulties, but also for those with average capital one incomes; At the same time, it seeks to take advantage of the surplus production of free housing to expand the public park at the service of the population.

Something quite difficult to achieve in these times, which the Ministry of Housing tries to root in the best possible way. In addition, the Government complies with the commitment to approve the PEVR this year, when the previous one is still in force, avoiding the stoppage that could occur in transit between one and the other.

The PEVR foresees 996,000 actions in the next four years, 38% more than the previous Plan, to allow citizens access to homes for purchase and especially for rent, promote the development of land for VPO and improve the current housing stock.

This Plan has the goal of changing the extensive construction model of new construction for an intensive one based on the building stock that does not consume the land, generates activity in auxiliary industries, and requires even more labor than new construction, with what it can absorb much of the unemployment in the sector.

Among the beneficiaries, who will have priority in access to protected housing and reinforced aid, are families with lower incomes, the elderly, young people, women who are victims of gender-based violence, people with disabilities or single-parent families with children and large families, as well as other groups in a situation or risk of social exclusion determined by the CCAA.

Now dependent, separated, or divorced persons up to date with the payment of pensions, affected by catastrophic situations, homeless people, or people from slum eradication operations are added.

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