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Life support for recovery after an accident

Accident insurance offers you financial protection and assistance during the recovery of a mishap that temporarily or completely incapacitates you. At Seguros RGA, we have created a special one for Caja Rural customers.

In life, we ​​face many unexpected situations. If they are nice, we usually call them surprises. If they are not, we talk about accidents. The so-called and sometimes dangerous ‘banana peels’ await us just around the corner, on the least suitable day. We tend to think that it will not touch us. The figures indicate, on the other hand, that there is a greater probability of having an accident than of winning the Lottery:

A traffic accident every 2:26 minutes

When we think of accidents, the first thing that comes to mind is traffic accidents. And it is not for less: every 2 minutes and 26 seconds, a traffic accident is registered in Spain that generates some bodily harm. Traffic accidents in 2019 caused 293,318 direct victims, according to figures handled by Unespa. Data from the DGT indicate, on the other hand, that 1,098 people lost their lives on Spanish roads last year.

One person in every 160 is the victim of a traffic accident.

Every year, approximately one person in every 160 is affected by a traffic accident. Statistics indicate that for every person killed on the roads, there are another four victims—family members, almost always children or parents, who have to live with that absence.

1 in 13.9 million odds of winning the Lottery

Pedro Delicado, professor at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), calculated for El Periódico the probability of winning the Primitiva (one in 13.9 million) or of being struck by lightning (one in 700,000).

Data like this justify the crudeness of the DGT announcements that, year after year, especially on special dates such as Christmas, remind us of the importance of extreme caution at the wheel.

Two months to recover from the aftermath of a traffic accident

Death is the worst consequence of a traffic accident, but not the only one.

In 2019, some 232,000 traffic accident victims suffered a temporary disability. The statistics themselves indicate that they needed at least two months on average for their recovery.

In situations like this, having special accident insurance is a vital support for the economic and physical recovery of the victims.

It is personal insurance that, for a small amount per month, guarantees economic protection in very delicate situations, especially when we are the main economic support of the family.

Special accident insurance for Caja Rural clients

At Seguros RGA, we continue to work to provide greater coverage to customers of the Cajas Rurales. We have incorporated special accident insurance that compensates up to 105,000 euros in the event of absolute permanent disability due to a traffic accident. It doesn’t matter if you’re a driver, passenger, or pedestrian. Compensation that also protects your family in the event of death.

This accident insurance includes guarantees and very important services to manage the recovery after a mishap of this type, such as medical guidance, second opinion, or legal and legal advice.

The special accident insurance protects you both in your personal and work life, even on leisure trips. Especially useful if you have a family and a mortgage or if you are self-employed and a long absence due to an accident can end up affecting the health of your second mortgage business.

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