Best Sports News Sites in Thailand

A variety of sports news sources are available online for Thai readers. Many of these sites offer news in both English and Thai, and many also feature expert analysis, live match video clips, and high-quality images. Some also offer the option of email updates. Read on to learn more about some of the best sites for sports news in Thailand.

8X is the leading sports news site in Thailand

8X is a popular trò chơi săn mồi news site in Thailand, featuring breaking news and expert analysis of various sports. It is a user-friendly website that can be used on both desktops and mobile devices. The site also offers live video streaming of major sporting events. Its content is updated regularly, and it has an active online community.

8X features a vibrant social media community, exclusive articles from award-winning sports reporters, and discussion boards that allow users to express their own opinions on the latest events in sports. The site is also mobile-friendly, and subscribers can sign up for a newsletter.


If you live in Thailand and you are interested in sports, there are a few good sports news websites available online. Many feature both Thai and English language content and expert analysis of upcoming games. Some even offer video clips from live matches. Many also offer subscription options so you can receive updates on the latest sports news.

Siamrath is a popular, traditional Thai language newspaper. It covers news, entertainment, politics, and other current events. It also has an extensive online community. Its sports section reports local sports action and has dedicated sections for Thai and international news. The site also features a dedicated Thai language video section and an editorial section.


8X is one of the best casino trực tuyến news websites in Thailand and has more than 16 million monthly visitors. It features expert commentary, breaking news and video clips from live sports events. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily navigate and read the latest news. It is available for both desktops and mobile devices. You can also subscribe to email newsletters and RSS feeds. Its articles are written by young sports enthusiasts.

8X sports news has a vibrant social media community, award-winning sports reporters, and exclusive articles. The site also offers subscriptions to its newsletter and Twitter feed, and its members can participate in discussion forums. Another great option for sports fans is Sudsapda, which features articles in English and unbiased commentary on various sports events. The site also has a discussion forum and is mobile-friendly.

Thai PBS World

Thai PBS has been broadcasting sports events in Thailand for eight years, but recently, the news site has faced a number of problems. For starters, the site has been plagued by internal conflicts. Last October, the Policy Board removed the station’s director, a long-time journalist and former BBC regional director for Southeast Asia. In his place, the Policy Board brought in a new director – Krissada Ruang-areerat – who was previously an administrative manager at the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and has no experience in media. The site still has a long way to go before Thai PBS World can justify its title.

As for the future of Thai PBS, the organization needs to revamp its corporate identity and improve its technical supervision. While it should not totally scrap its day-to-day news coverage, it still needs far-sighted journalists who can bring reform-oriented perspectives to the news content on the site. The site also needs to revamp its programming to remain relevant and keep viewers informed.

Phuket News

If you love sports, you can easily follow the latest results on various news sites in Thailand. These websites are mostly in English, and they have a wide variety of content. Aside from sports, they also have lifestyle sections. For example, you can learn about the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and food promotions. In addition, you can also keep up with news about current events and local politics.

SMMSPORT Thailand covers national and international sports events and has live links to the events. The website also features extensive video archives and community forums. It even has a separate section for business. The interface is attractive and easy to navigate. It also has an app for mobile devices.

Thansettakij Newspaper

The Thansettakij newspaper is a popular English-language newspaper in Thailand. Its website contains articles on a variety of topics. In addition to sports, Thansettakij focuses on business, politics, and gossip. Its sports coverage is comprehensive and includes live links to the latest games. It is available online and on mobile devices.

The site is easy to navigate and offers video links and expert commentary. It also has a chat room for sports fans to interact. It also offers regular newsletters.


Thai readers can access a wealth of sports news in English and Thai on the internet. A number of websites offer in-depth news articles, expert analysis, and video clips of live matches. Some sites also let users subscribe to email updates. In addition, they feature exclusive content from renowned sports personalities and teams.

If you’re interested in local and international sports, you can turn to the websites of leading sports associations. Besides the official Thai national teams, some Thai sports fans follow specialized websites and Facebook pages. Many of these sites also feature celebrity news and are popular on social media.

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