Why choose DRHC for your Hair Transplant?

International experience

DRHC is the result of state-of-the-art scientific facilities, a highly skilled and dedicated team of assistants, and a mature artistic experience providing cutting-edge services in the hair restoration industry. our docter is an internationally known personality in the hair restoration industry.

Neurologist in Dubai

Professional Strategy

At DRHC, each hair transplant client is examined for a careful calculation of the grafts, type of follicular grafts, diameter, texture and location of donor hair, hairline design taking into account the head and face shape as well as the client’s age and personal considerations to plan the best strategy for top-notch natural results.

Innovative Services

We are proud to offer the highly innovative FUE Direct technique, the world’s preferred hair restoration procedure that allows for maximum density of transplanted hair without removal of the donor strip and without sutures, safely and easily. In addition, we offer our clients advanced medical treatments for hair loss, including laser therapy, medical prescriptions and hair stimulants, if needed.

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