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Google Play Console Key Features

Google Play Console, a platform Google provides to Google Play as well as Android developers to publish their apps and is especially for ASO teams to track their apps’ performance on the Google Play marketplace.
Google Play Console is the back-end interface Android publishers and developers utilize to upload new apps or manage existing ones and track the performance of existing apps.

It is the Google Play Console is more than just a tool for publishing to be used in Google Play Store. Google Play Store. For mobile developers seeking to improve the performance and quality of their applications, the Google Play Console is an important tool to test and gather data.

The console can provide an extensive analysis of acquisitions and reports that can assist app developers or marketers determine what an app’s performing. Accessing a thorough analysis helps to gain a better understanding of how an app performs about its growth.

Importance of Google Play Console:

Google Play Console

Developers can utilize these statistics to gain insight into what’s causing issues in their applications and take steps to fix the issue. Remember that the Google Play Store’s discoverability ranking algorithm will reward you with more vitality since Google would like to keep performance at the forefront of app developers.

Developers might be geeks, however, that doesn’t mean the console for an app store has to be a nightmare. Google offers a sleek and user-friendly UI design for all of its products. This is because it lets information split into sections to provide clarity.

As you will observe it is clear that the Play Console is crucial for Android developers who want to reach the broadest possible public. Beyond that, it also offers capabilities to provide B2C services including advanced optimization, and many more. We hope that the information in this Google Play Console guide has given you an idea of what’s available there and just how efficient and effective the platform is.

Google Play console allows app marketers and developers to better comprehend the performance of their apps in terms of development, technical performance such as display or crash issues, and financials.

Getting Start using the Play Console

Google Play Console login

Making your Android application in Google Play is not only thrilling but is also a vital aspect of the application development process, which affects the outcome. The app you submit to Google Play? Will it be popular and will users decide to download it and then install it? All of this depends on how successful your application will prove to be.

To Google Play Console login you will need to sign up for an account as a developer. You can do this with an already-established Google account. But, be aware that you’ll need to pay a one-time cost. Developers must also be older than 18 years old for Google Play Console login.

Create App Developer Console

google play console

After that then you’ll be able to upload your first application. Then start entering the information to create your application. You’ll have the option to choose your app’s name language, price, and much more before uploading your application, key certificate, and many more.
It is possible to see what changes have been approved and which remain being reviewed and decide when you’d like to launch the changes. The managed publishing feature can be switched off and off at any point.

Managed Publishing Play Console

play console

The upload process for apps comprises additional steps for creating an online store listing. Developers must create a description of their application, for instance. In addition, you’ll need to include images, screenshots, an image for the cover, and much more. All of these will assist in making your application stand out and increase visibility.

Controlling the presence Google Play Console

The tests allow you to test two variations of your listing side-by-side. Then, they compare the performance of each. This is beneficial as it allows you to see what changes can positively impact the number of downloads that you download.

Advantages of Using Google Play Console:

There are many reasons why businesses and people have felt the need to create applications. Some of them are the requirement to be noticed by customers and potential customers at all times.

Improve your Optimization strategy

Google Play Console offers important insights for developers and marketers, and it’s being upgraded every year. It’s not just the site to insert keyword phrases. This is an overview of the available categories, and how you can use them to enhance the effectiveness of your App Optimizing your Store strategy.

Greater customer engagement

Apps can also be used to create media that allows users to see all the services the business can provide, from its services to the cost of their services. Apps are also a means of creating a name for the company that will be noticed and viewed by anyone who comes across it.

Additionally, the usage of apps within the business can increase customer interaction by offering an option that allows clarifications to be provided or feedback to be provided.

Monitor the performance

There are a variety of reasons to consider using iBuildApp to build applications as well as Google Play Developer Console to create apps is a great concept. In this chapter, we’ll explore these advantages.

One advantage of using a console can be that it lets you make sure that the application you have created is excellent quality and thus compete with apps that are highly rated or have high scores, and this is because the console makes it easier for one can monitor its performance. application.

Dashboard and Distribution

Another benefit that comes with Play Console is that it includes features like fine-grained controls and the choices for distribution that permit users to have an overview of the app both before and after its release of the app. This helps developers of apps to make their decisions with confidence.
The release dashboard helps the business understand how an update has affected the performance of the application and also how it compares to an earlier version.

google play console dashboard

Check out Reports and Stats

There are additional benefits that are a part of the use of the Play Developer Console. These include being able to charge users for downloads of apps, understanding how to distribute apps to meet a certain number of users.

Being able to access reports and data, and the most important thing is being able to access the help provided by Google Play any time you require it.


In reports like the User, Acquisition reports you can determine the number of people your game or application receives through acquisition channels or countries This is among the primary ASO KPIs.

You can pick a specific period and then compare the number of users to first-time users, and then determine the rate of retention between the initial day and the day of the 30th.

Release Management

The release management feature in Google Developer Console allows you to check the current version of your application, as well as examine it against previous versions.

You can look at the number of installs this version has received and crash frequency, the number of crashes per device, and the average score. The program also gives you graphs of these metrics that allow you to track their changes over time.


The final area to examine in the last section of Google Play Console is User Feedback. This is where you can manage your reviews and ratings. Google added a new feature called peer groups. This allows you to evaluate your performance on several apps like your own.

As you can see in the chart below where you can examine your average rating, as well as the number of votes you’ve received, and then compare the ratings to those of your colleagues. Additionally, you can choose the period you want to use either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Final Words:

The Google Play Console comes with many advantages over the previous model. It is more difficult to separate the advertising and organic traffic because “Google Play search” entails the results of keywords as well as ads in the results of searches.

In addition, there is any inconsistency between the old and new Google Play Console as it treats new users differently. Users need to know the reasons to be the reason behind the metrics that they choose to use and the way it works to segment them.

It is also helpful because the Developer Google Play Console can also be useful because it comes with tools that can help businesses develop, this is because these tools allow businesses to know the preferences of their users and how they compare against other apps classified with it and also provide them with features to help them target new customers, such as advertising campaigns.

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