How to Take Care of Your Vehicle in Order to Clear Your MOT Test

It is impossible to account for all the benefits we derive from modern machinery and technology. The inclusion of the same is present in almost everything we do. Right from the simple act of waking up to the complex actions, we take during the day, one way or the other, the influence of machines and gadgets is present in all of them.

Seeing that it is almost impossible to discount the presence of such machinery in our lives, we revel in its usage. We are able to make the best of our abilities and tasks when we use them. There are very few limitations when one has the comfort and security of different kinds of technology MOT Reading.

Therefore, garnering multiple benefits, we are able to make the best of our time and efforts.

There are different kinds of machines made to suit a variety of our needs. For simple chores around the house, we have appliances. For our work, we use the help of a laptop or some other device.

In order to travel from one point to another, we take the help of a vehicle. Either that or we stick to the benefits that public transportation provides us. Therefore, there is no end to the kind of benefits we can generate from machinery. travelling is an important part of human activity.

We need to travel from one point to another for different reasons. Be it for work, education, recreational reasons or anything, we need the support and comfort of a vehicle to make our ends meet.

In travelling from one place to another, we are able to save our time and make the best of our efforts. However, owning a vehicle includes taking care of it as well. When one continues to use their vehicle without leaving enough time for its maintenance, the vehicle will fail to deliver adequate performance.

It is important to leave out enough time for the maintenance of your vehicle so that it can perform well. The purpose of maintenance is to ensure that no unseen damages can harm its performance and render it useless.

When people fail to conduct regular maintenance checks for their vehicle, it will lose out on its overall performance and will be unable to last for a long time. Therefore, it is important to take your vehicle for regular checks. Even so, when people fail to meet the criteria of maintenance, it will result in extreme damage.

This is why the MOT test ensures that your vehicle receives a thorough check. If any part of your vehicle is not able to perform well, the mot inspector will fail your vehicle. Since one cannot travel without clearing their mot test, passing the same becomes mandatory.

Even so, there are multiple reasons why people fail their mot test.


there are multiple lights present in your vehicle. They help indicate several things. If any of these lights are not functioning properly, then the mot inspector has valid reasons to fail your vehicle.

This is because the lights serve as a way for everyone on the road to understanding your vehicle’s direction and intention. Therefore, the bulbs should be working perfectly in all the lights; brake lights, front lights and rear lights.


the windows are also vital to the entire structure of the vehicle. If there are damages to the windows, the vehicle will fail its mot test. If the driver’s side of the window has damages measuring more than 20mm, the vehicle will automatically fail the mot test.

Similarly, the passenger’s side of the window should not have damages measuring more than 70mm. Any stickers on the window will also qualify for a failure of the mot test.


The brakes are extremely important for the safety of the vehicle. Not taking your vehicle for services for long will somehow affect the performance of the brakes as well.

Every two years, the brake line should bleed. The brake pads and rotors should receive an inspection if they are making sounds. Therefore, taking care of the brakes is also essential if one wishes to clear their mot test.

the engine of the vehicle is not just a major part of the car Body Repair Reading but will also determine if your vehicle clears its mot test or not.

The condition of the engine will determine the kind of gases that come through the exhaust. Failing to get an oil change will have negative effects and the vehicle will fail the mot test.

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