When you increase coverage on a salvage title vehicle?

If you have fully restored or purchased a fully restored vehicle with a salvage title, you most likely want to have it protected with physical damage coverage on your insurance policy. Adding physical damage coverage such as comprehensive and collision is when you will probably find the greatest difficulty in insuring a salvage title vehicle.

Some companies may not offer coverage for physical damage of any kind to a vehicle with a salvage title. Insurance companies are very strict about not covering the above damage. You can generally increase the coverage on your salvage title vehicle once you meet the following requirements.

Typical Physical Damage Insurance Requirements:

  • Detailed mechanical inspection
  • Physical damage inspection at sight by insurance agent
  • Current photos showing multiple views of the vehicle
salvage title

Many companies will allow physical damage coverage if you meet the requirements. Remember to consider the value before causing physical damage to any vehicle. It may not be worth the cost of the insurance if the total value of the vehicle is low.

It is possible to get ahead with the purchase of a salvage title vehicle. You should be able to find an insurance company to provide protection against physical damage.

Know what you are up against and always proceed with caution when it comes to insuring a vehicle with a salvage title.

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