Essential Steps for a Safe Motorcycle Ride for Beginners

Ask experienced Motorcycle ride, and they will tell you that there is nothing more exhilarating and rejuvenating than riding a motorcycle. You will be amazed to learn that several studies show that motorcycling plays a significant role in reducing stress and increasing muscular and cerebral functions.

A beginner, like you, can be inspired by riding a motorcycle and the experiences that come along. However, there is a lot to learn than just road trips. Understanding the workings of the motorcycle; the small yet significant parts, such as the factory brake lever or brake clevis, is essential.

What Beginners at Motorcycling Need to Know?

Familiarizing and learning the basic operations of the motorcycle ride can be intimidating for beginners. You need to know the workings and the intricacies of different parts, such as the factory brake lever or brake clevis. These trivial and simple things, if misunderstood, can cost you. Ask an experienced rider or a professional how to install, correct positions, and adjust the brake lever and brake clevis.

But once you have settled for the motorcycle of your want, bought the necessary safety gear, and taken care of your license, you are almost prepared to ride. Learning to ride safely down the road and deal with urban spaces or knowing how to use the brakes are all important things to understand.

This article is aiming to help provide motorcycle safety tips and ways to become a better motorcyclist.

The comfort motorcycle ride

Choose the motorcycle which suits your needs because, as a beginner, you need to prioritize your comfort. Every motorcycle is different, and depending on your height and weight, you can find the appropriate one for you.

Also, understand what type of riding you wish to do – will you be riding on dirt or the street? There are specific motorcycles as per your requirements. All of this will ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for you as a beginner.

  • Before you get started

Ensuring that your motorcycle doesn’t run out of safety items is a crucial step you need to take as a beginner. You are not good to go unless you inspect your vehicle in and out. So, the beginners must check for:

  • Controls, including brake clevis, levers, cables, throttles, pedal, hoses, etc
  • Wheel and tire
  • Level of the fluid
  • Lights, including headlight, mirror, battery, turn signals, etc
  • Kickstand
  • Chassis, including chain, frame, suspension, etc
  •  Familiarize with the controls

Learning the basic control before setting out is essential for a safe ride for a beginner. There are various videos on the internet today to clarify your doubts because if you are unfamiliar with the operations, it could be dangerous for you.

  • On the left side, you will find a hand clutch lever to disengage the power when shifting gears.
  • By your left foot, you will find the gear shifter to shift one gear while pulling the clutch lever.
  • The throttle is used to accelerate and can be found on the right handlebar.
  • Keep in mind that the left side controls gears, and the right side controls braking and acceleration.

Apart from the technical stuff, let’s jump to the benefits of motorcycle riding.

  • You develop a skill

Yes! You read that right. As a beginner, riding a motorcycle has a lot to do than feeling refreshed. It also teaches you to balance yourself while focusing on the road. So, it’s like the mind over body. And once you get started, you will develop a new skill because you will be dealing with tricky situations, like maneuvering your motorbike.

  • Boosts your confidence

Without doubt! Studies have shown that feeling the pace through the way with the wind covering your skin and the mesmerizing landscapes passing by gives an adventurous feel, like the adrenaline kick. With the chemicals produced in your brain, motorcycling does boost your confidence. You learn to focus on the road while handling different mechanisms and enjoying the ride.

  • The Zen Mode

When you are on the road, you are constantly monitoring every situation. Be it ensuring the brake clevis or gauging the speed, focusing on the road, or foreseeing a hazard. This, in turn, clears your mind of the other stresses in life and works as a meditation. Also, being physically active makes you healthier and happier.

  • Sense of freedom

As a beginner, you are bound to feel the fresh air enveloping you. And riding, at the end of the day, will be associated with freedom for you. When you go on long trips, you are escaping the busy city life to explore new surroundings. The feeling is exciting and works as a therapy for many.

Motorcycling would elevate your spirit because of the chemicals like adrenaline and endorphins released in the body. Make sure you enjoy your freedom by prioritizing your safety.

In Conclusion

As a beginner, owning a motorcycle and riding is an extraordinary feeling. Apart from the thrill, you also have to maintain your vehicle and visit the repair shops for tests and upgrades. Inspect your motorcycle after every ride, ensure the factory brake lever, brake clevis, and other essential parts are fully functional.

As a beginner, all of it could be intimidating. But once you find your perfect vehicle, you will become a safer and better rider.


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