It’s Time to Reward Your Body with Orchard Body Massage Therapy

A staggering 70% of Singaporeans have physical symptoms as a result of regular stress. People are stressed out for a variety of reasons, including their employment, health, relationships and the pursuit of the perfect life on social media.

Feeling stress melt away is one of the most immediate and well-known rewards of a full-body massage. Even if it’s only for an hour before the chaos of the world returns, a massage can make a huge difference in your mood. As a result, you’ll feel better physically and your mental health will improve.

If you’re trying to figure out why your shoulders are hunched and your neck feels like it’s about to crack, this article is for you!

How Regular Orchard Body Massage Therapy Can Boost Your Body Health

Many individuals enjoy a good massage now and again, whether it’s a loving rubdown from someone you trust (including yourself) or a professional Orchard body massage therapy session.

Massage therapy is the systematic and strategic manipulation of the soft tissues of the human body to induce relaxation while also reducing pain, discomfort, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Say Good Bye to Restlessness and Stress

The most important effect of massage is stress alleviation. More research is needed to determine how much massage therapy reduces stress hormones like cortisol, but anecdotal data suggests that massages can help people relax and reduce stress.

Say Hi to New Skin

Every minute, the average human sheds 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells. That isn’t a misprint: every minute. The movement of the therapist’s hands across your skin during a full-body massage aids in this shedding. This aids in the removal of any obstinate small bits that may be clinging to the skin.

If you feel like you’re shining after a massage, it’s because you are. After all of the dead skin has been removed, the beautiful, clean skin beneath may shine. Furthermore, the lotion or oil used by the massage therapist can not only moisturize but also provide other benefits to your skin.

What Better Way to Get Relief from Tension Headaches!

A tension headache, also known as a concentration headache, feels like a tight band is wrapped around your skull. The origin is unknown, although there is evidence that Orchard body massage can help with this type of headache. It works to ease muscle tension in the head, neck, and shoulders (which might alleviate your headache symptoms).

Pain? Swelling? Say No More

Massage can also help to reduce discomfort and swelling. Tension and stress-related pain can be reduced by relaxing the muscles.

Increasing circulation will also aid in the removal of swollen areas. As a result, obtaining a sports massage is a great idea. It’s an excellent technique to recover from a really strenuous workout.

It’s also a good way to speed up recovery following a sports injury. The increased blood flow provides the building blocks that the body requires to repair itself more quickly, allowing you to return to peak performance.

The Nervous System Is Transformed into A “Rest And Digest” Mode

When you take action, your sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive, usually as a protective mechanism. Stress also triggers the activation of this mechanism. While it may save your life in an emergency, it is not healthy for your body to be in this state all of the time.

Many of the detrimental consequences of stress on your body are due to side effects of this. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated by a full-body massage.

This is the system that controls the body’s essential functions. These include, for example, the digestive and cardiovascular systems. The phrase “rest and digest” is frequently used to describe this state. When the body isn’t focused on rescuing itself from imminent danger, it may concentrate more effectively on the body’s more basic but vital processes.

Temporary Alleviation from Arthritis and Joint Pain

Arthritis causes swelling and pain in the joints. Blood flows to your joints when your massage therapist kneads and soothes your muscles, which may provide some brief comfort. Before your massage therapy session, disclose that you have arthritis so that the therapist can show you how you can work together.

What Types of Massages to Go for In Singapore?

Massage with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy massage is type of Swedish massage technique that uses essential oil-infused massage oil or lotion.

These essential oil molecules are inhaled or absorbed through the skin during an aromatherapy massage.

This massage aids in the relaxation of the body and the discharge of stress in both the body and the psyche.

Vietnamese Massage

A stimulating deep tissue massage focusing on the muscles and tendons is the Vietnamese massage.

The masseuse can remove stress, revitalize, and relax by using an ancient approach of targeting pressure points, muscles, and tendons.

Swedish Massage

When most people think of massage, Swedish massage therapy is the first thing that comes to mind.

One of the fundamental purposes of Swedish massage, which is the most well-known type of bodywork today, is to relax the entire body.

Chinese Massage

Chinese massage, also known as tui na, is a hands-on body treatment that employs Chinese Taoist and martial arts techniques in an attempt to bring the eight TCM principles into balance. It is gaining popularity in the West as a treatment for a variety of health and mental ailments. Try a half-hour or one-hour massage session for yourself to get a sense of the benefits of Orchard body massage. Mavis Retreat in Singapore offers therapeutic massage by qualified masseuses. Get in touch with them to make an appointment now and avail their discounted offers.

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