Do I Need To File A Police Report After A Houston Truck Accident

Accidents are serious. If it involves a truck, then the damages could be much more than expected. But not many people realize the importance of filing a police report. They feel that the accident is minor if there are no injuries involved.

This is why people often overlook the report filing part. Do I need to file a police report after a Houston truck accident? The simple answer is, “Yes, you should.” The report filing part is important. The moment you file a police report, you will be able to understand the real cause of the truck accident. A police report will also investigate the entire scene.

They will provide details of the faulty side. The report will also clarify if the accident was on account of negligence. So the reports should always be filed once you are involved in a truck accident. You will also find that filing a report is essential in most cases. There are legal laws that make it mandatory to file a police report immediately after the accident.

Filing a report is important as per the local laws.

When speaking of Houston truck accident law, it is mandatory to file a police report. Even if the accident is minor, the report should be filed. In case no one of injured in the accident, but there are always other damages.

Covering these damages is only possible if the report of the accident has been filed legally. If you need the assistance of the local authorities, then filing a police report is essential. If the report has not been filed, then you may not be able to file for claims either.

Filing reports when the accident is serious

In some cases, the truck accident can be serious. There are chances that someone gets seriously injured in the accident. Death is also possible in such cases. The legal report has to be filed in any case. In case of major or minor property damage as well, a police report has to be filed legally.

If the reports are not filed, then both parties are at fault. There could be strict legal action take up against them in court. In few cases, you may also have to pay the penalty for not filing a police report after the accident.

The blame factor

If the accident could not be avoided, then the two parties will always enter into the blame game. The truck driver will always try and blame the other party. The trespasser will also try and blame the truck driver.

No one will admit to their mistake, is the damage has been done. This is the time when police reports will only prove helpful. Filing a report will also stop you from shifting the blame. If you are the victim, then you can expect a fair claim.

If the report has been filed, then it becomes easy for the investigating team to investigate the fault and the cause. A good team will always conduct the investigation. Based on this, the final report will be submitted.

This is helpful if there are injuries and damages involved in the accident case. You can expect to receive a better claim.

Police reports help make insurance claims easy.

Are you still considerate about do I need to file a police report after a Houston Trucking Accident Lawyer? This is important if you need to make claims from the insurance services. You may not be able to make any claims if you have not filed a police report after the accident.

The reports have to be filed immediately after the accident. in most cases, it may be important to file the report from the accident site itself. Proper investigation will be done if the damages are a lot more than your expectations.

 Organizing witness reports

You will only be able to gather eyewitness reports if you have filed a legal complaint. If you do not have a valid police report, then you may not be able to file a complaint against the truck driver as well. This means that you may not be able to prove your innocence in court.

Even if you have to make claims with the insurance services, you will have to produce a copy of the police report in your claims form. The statement has to be made legally that it was not your fault. This is important if you want to make settlements.

You may also have to produce a copy of the police report if you are admitted to the hospital after the accident. Most hospitals may not offer treatments until you submit a copy of the police report.

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