Three Insane Processes To Buy Print Boxes

Personalized Print Boxes:

Custom or personalized print boxes are the ones made and printed specifically for a client-tailored according to their exact needs. It is out of the ordinary, standard box packaging and fulfills the individual needs of its user.

Why do businesses need to manufacture custom print boxes?

As we keep going more into the digital era of the world, it is necessary for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors and stand out if they want to succeed and survive. Staying anonymous is not going to work anymore. Using the latest marketing tool and getting yourself recognized through the use of custom packaging is a must-have. It is essential to stay a step ahead of your competitors by adding some exclusive visual interest to your print boxes.

Also, uniquely print boxes aren’t that expensive. They provide a cost-effective way of creating and developing brand recognition, enhance brand appearance, capture customer attention and help them readily recognize your products.

The use of plain boxes has gone outdated now. Custom printing helps you stand out by giving a professional look to your work. The print boxes can be printed with the brand’s name, logo, tagline, web and social media handles, all done in elegant designs and colors.

Few popular print box options available:

There are various print box options available in the market that makes your product look awesome. Some of the familiar ones are:

  • Watch Boxes
  • Lid off candle boxes
  • Telescoping Boxes
  • Cookie Boxes
  • Folding magnetic boxes
  • Rigid Candle Boxes
  • Magnet closing Boxes (foldable)
  • Premium rigid boxes and much more
  • Tuck end boxes

Key Package Printing Types:

There are five primary ways of printing package boxes. They are as follow:

  1. Digital or Inkjet printing.
  2. Lithography or litho for short. It is also referred to as offset printing.
  3. Flexo for short or flexography.
  4. Rotogravure. Also know as gravure.
  5. Silkscreen, known as a screen for short.

Make an impression through the use of printed boxes:

A packaging box is the first thing clients get to have their hands on whenever they make a purchase. Creating an impressive first impression of your product is vital at this stage. That is made possible through custom printing.

The purchase process doesn’t end with your client getting your product. Satisfy them and make a delightful memory in their mind through the buying experience so that they may become repeat buyers and also endorse your business in front of others through their word of mouth.

As it is rightly said, “Customers make the best brand ambassador.” So don’t go losing your first impression by using old plain package boxes. Add some color and look to them to help them get noticed.

Print Boxes Buying Process:

Once you have made up your mind to go for customized print package boxes, the next step is how and where to get them? What type of print boxes will be good for one’s business? There are various options. You can choose among kraft boxes, custom rigid boxes, cardboard boxes, or corrugated boxes.

Be cautious while choosing the material and paint color for the boxes. Keep in mind the image of your business, the product to be packed, and the vibe you wish to communicate with clients through your product and packaging.

The most commonly used packaging solution is custom rigid boxes. They are meant to use for luxury brands. They are created in a way that when the customer takes hold of the box for the very first time, they feel honored. Other boxes include:

  1. Product Boxes:

These are made to pack small daily used items like candles, cosmetics, medicines, stationery, and other in-store retail package use. They have self-lock features and are easy to assemble.

  • Mailer Boxes:

These are made to package bigger deliveries and also provide a new and bigger opportunity to promote your brand. These custom print boxes are available in rustic brown kraft or elegant white corrugated cardboard boxes. Any design can be made with them to match the end user’s needs. Customers will be delighted to unbox their order for sure.

  • Shipping Boxes:

These boxes are made to deliver products to faraway places. They are usually made of corrugated cardboard boxes and then sealed. The cardboard box is usually of standard or premium white with a fine finish to give a somber or neutral look. Whereas a natural-looking brown or rustic color is given for a classic look.

How is the buying process carried out?

First of all, select a packaging style that best suits your needs and the user’s desire. Decide the quantity and select from stock or custom sizes – then begin crafting your custom box. Introduce customization options such as text, images, color, graphics, logo, or tagline that your brand uses. After designing the package, the supplier company sends an instant quote so that the purchaser can have a clear idea about what the final appearance will come to.

  • Little minimums order, no limit for maximum:

Companies offer all kinds and sizes of boxes for custom print packaging orders at a reasonable price.

  • Instant quotes:

Buyers can view an instant quote the moment they place their order after selecting the design, size, and style of their box.

  • Fast turnarounds:

Usually, the entitled orders get shipped within or less than ten days after order, also with priority turnaround options.

Generally, the suppliers also offer these facilities to their customers; graphic designing that is free and allows unlimited design alteration, plate or die free of cost, cost, free transit, fast turnaround time, no limit to place a minimum Order, and personalized size and style for the print boxes. Time is precious. So companies offer a final product in the minimum possible time, no matter if it is a small product box, bulky mailer box, corrugated box, or just a subtle paper print work for the office or school use. From delicate paper art, print design to bulky corrugated boxes, supplier companies need to be the best in their related field.

So, get ahead and benefit from custom packaging and print boxes that can help turn any brand’s product into a complete package with complete customization, on-the-spot quoting, and faster turnarounds.

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