Importance of Physiotherapy in children

Physiotherapy, i.e. the rehabilitation, development and improvement of mobility, is not limited to adults, but can also be used with children. Physical therapists work with children on their gross motor skills, such as standing, sitting and walking, and improve their strength, endurance and flexibility.

Why is physical therapy so important for children?

It can help treat conditions such as:

Down syndrome
Gross motor delay
Autism spectrum disorder
Muscular dystrophy
Genetic disorders
It also helps children who are athletes and participate in professional sports.

Parents and families have an important role to play

Parents are usually with their children during therapy. They talk with the therapist and do the exercises. Some exercises need to be done at home. In this case, the instructors give detailed instructions on how to do these exercises at home.

How can Gncdubai help?

At Gncdubai, our pediatric physical therapists work with children with gross motor difficulties, athletes, and those with weight problems.

After examining the child, we determine the proper course of action and create a plan to train endurance, body awareness and strength. For young children, physical therapists work on positioning and stretching, and loosen tight areas.

Physical therapy is used in conjunction with other forms of therapy such as occupational therapy or speech therapy.

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