Types of dental veneers and their characteristics

The placement of dental veneers is one of the most requested treatments currently to improve the aesthetics of the mouth. The dental veneers in Santa Coloma de Gramenet have many advantages for patients. And it is that they are capable of hiding or correcting a multitude of defects in the teeth, without losing the functionality of the mouth in any case. In this article we tell you what types of dental veneers you can find and what their characteristics are.

Types of dental veneers that you can find

dental veneers

If you are going to have a dental veneer treatment, it is important that you know the types between which you can choose and the results that you will achieve with each of them. It should be noted that any veneer implies a notable aesthetic improvement of the mouth, but there are some differences between them that you should know.

The types of dental veneers in Santa Coloma de Gramenet are divided according to the material they are made of. These materials are basically two: composite and ceramic.

Composite veneers are made of an aesthetic resin similar to that used in fillings. They are very easy to put on and usually require a single session to finish the treatment. The patient can have a new smile in just a couple of hours and they do not have any contraindications. Although a prior review by the specialized dentist will always be necessary. Of these veneers, the fact that they do not require carving of the tooth to be placed is noteworthy, since they are made to measure. This means that the tooth does not suffer any damage and that the treatment can be completely reversible if the patient wishes.

On the other hand, ceramic veneers are made of this material. Its placement is slightly more complex and will require at least two sessions. Since, in this case, it is necessary to carve the teeth so that the veneers fit perfectly. And it is that ceramic veneers are not made to measure, but are selected according to market standards. The advantage at this point is that they are cheaper than composite veneers.

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