What does the salvage title mean?

A used car with a salvage title is counted as a total loss and has been refurbished in working condition. If you buy a car with a salvage title, it was likely in a major accident or other major damage and had many original parts replaced. Definition Salvage is given to a car for which the cost of repair is higher than the value of the vehicle.

main reasons for which the salvage title is issued are accidents, floods and damage caused to a stolen vehicle.
Used Cars

Sometimes salvage vehicles are brought back into working order and resold like used cars. They are often sold at a price that is well below what a similar car without a salvage title would sell for.

Some salvage vehicles are a good buy because their damage was primarily cosmetic, such as in a large hail storm. However, keep in mind that if you are ever going to resell a car with a salvage title, it will likely be difficult to get a good price.

Beware of buying a used car with a salvage title because many insurance companies do not insure the vehicle. This is because it cannot be a reliable or safe vehicle because of the damage it had done.

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