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The best motorcycle insurance for young people

Motorcycle insurance for young people is characterized by being much more expensive than that offered to older drivers. In addition, many companies refuse to insure novice motorcycle drivers, claiming that, by not having experience behind the wheel, their risk of accidents will be much higher.

Despite everything, if you are young and need to ensure your motorcycle, don’t despair, as there is always the possibility of finding motorcycle insurance for young people adapted to your needs, budget, and expectations. It is a matter of comparing the various insurance companies and choosing the offer that gives you the best quality/price ratio.

What should youth motorcycle insurance have?

When it comes to motorcycle insurance for young people, various companies choose to offer only very basic insurance that only includes mandatory civil liability and, at most, legal defense. Some insurers, however, allow you to include, at an additional cost, certain additional coverages, which will provide you with a greater guarantee in the event of an accident.

Within these additional coverages, good motorcycle insurance for young people should include at least the following:

  • Driver’s insurance. In insurance for young people, it is highly advisable to have this coverage, despite the notable increase in the premium that it usually entails. Keep in mind that if you are a young and inexperienced motorcycle driver, the chances of suffering an accident due to your fault increase, and in this case, if you do not have this coverage, the injuries and bodily damage you suffer will be your responsibility.
  • Roadside assistance. If you contract this coverage, you should look at aspects such as whether there is a limit of kilometers for the company to respond, if you have a towing service and if they assist you in the event that the accident occurs on an unsuitable road.

The best cheap motorcycle insurance for young people

When hiring cheap motorcycle insurance for young people, the first thing to consider is what your type of motorcycle is since the requirements vary depending on whether it is a moped or a motorcycle. Mopeds can be driven by young people over 15 years old with an AM license, while the age to drive a motor cycle will depend on its cylinder capacity, but even for those up to 125 cc, it is required to be at least 16 years old and has an A1 license. In any case, consider that although young people of 16 or 17 years old can appear as authorized drivers in the policy, the policyholder must always be of legal age.

In any case, getting cheap motor cycle insurance for young people should not mean giving up the quality of coverage. There are, in fact, companies that manage effective cycle insurance for young people at very advantageous prices. The most outstanding currently would be those of Allianz, Mutua Madrileña, and Reale.

Allianz motorcycle insurance

Allianz Mo..cycle insurance for young people is one of the most complete on the market. It covers compulsory civil liability, legal defense, and advice for traffic fines, damage claims, and accident coverage for the driver.

Mutua Madrileña motorcycle insurance

Another very interesting one is the one offered by Mutua Madrileña’s cycle insurance. Your third-party insurance includes mandatory civil liability, legal defense, damage claims, roadside assistance, and a free annual review of your motorcycle.

Reale motorcycle insurance

Reale is another company that provides this type of insurance. The most basic Reale motorcycle insurance includes civil liability, travel assistance, and defense against fines. You can also extend it with other guarantees, such as accident coverage.

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