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What Automatic Roller Closures Work?

At present, the best security option for commercial premises and even homes are automatic roller shutters. Since they not only provide an aesthetic that is very pleasing to the eye, but they are easy to use and adapt to any type of door that is intended to be covered.

That said, you should know that automatic roller shutters are basically a system of aluminum sheets, which, in addition, can prevent access to the interior of any space directly or on a glass door. The interesting thing is that some allow visibility from both sides.

Automatic roller shutters: everything you need to know

The automatic rolling shutters have an automated closing system, which makes it possible to perform opening and closing maneuvers in a very comfortable and fluid way. Shops and industries are really the most benefited from this system, whose main characteristic has to do with its versatility and power, which is why they are perfect for regulating the traffic of people or vehicles, taking into account that its main objective is to provide security to the place.

In addition, the automated rolling shutters have silent movements, precision features, quick and practical connections, electromechanical brakes, among other functions. There are even electronic systems that have a control center, a built-in radio receiver, lights and safety devices. Also, you might find some systems so modern that they are smart and “learn” engine run times with their breaks.

Advantages of automatic rolling shutters

  • They help to save space: this thanks to the fact that, as its name indicates, the door is rolled up, this means that you do not lose a square meter of your premises, and instead, you can take advantage of it for other purposes.
  • Security: the automatic rolling shutters provide maximum security, as they are very robust doors with state-of-the-art finishes. This is why, using this system you can avoid being robbed at your home or business.
  • Easy installation: it is one of the reasons why people choose this type of system, there are even some that you can install yourself, as these are made to measure.
  • They are very aesthetic: they not only give you security, but also allow the environment to look pleasant, as they are made of materials that adapt very well to any space.
  • They provide you with the greatest comfort: if you have this system installed in your home, you won’t have to get out of your car to access it. And if, on the contrary, it is in your commercial premises, you will not have to make any effort either to open or close.
  • They are made to measure: in general, you can choose the door you want, depending on the size, material, style and you will get personalized designs.

What kind of maintenance do they need?

Everything will depend on the type and model of the system you have installed. However, to have the automatic closure in optimal conditions for a long time, you must ensure that its components are in perfect condition.

mistake that you should not make regarding the maintenance of automatic roller shutters is to try, for example, to grease the doors yourself, thus thinking that the closures will slide much better along the side guides. Because, unfortunately, the only thing you will achieve is that the passage of the guides becomes narrower, due to the density of the grease, in addition to the fact that with the passage of time dirt particles adhere.

That said, it is best to use liquid grease in spray. In general, it must be carried out about three times a year, this being an adequate time for the door to have normal use.

For its part, the motor does not require maintenance of any kind, as it is internally lubricated and its operation is carried out thanks to a toothed belt that does not require maintenance.

What you should periodically monitor is the enrollment axis, so you must verify that it is in good condition. Because if not, there could be more frequent malfunctions and this could result in certain types of accidents.

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