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Tips to keep your car paint flawless

It is not enough to store your car in a garage or carport. Interesting tips to make your vehicle look as good as the first day.

Having a shiny and attractive car like the first day certainly adds a lot to the satisfaction of getting behind the wheel.

But in addition to the aesthetic and image factor of the vehicle – which is not only a means of getting around, but is also part of our “presence” – the good condition of the paint can mean a significant sum of money earned (or lost) at the time of resale.

So how do you get a flawless, lasting look in your car?


Regular cleaning of the exterior of the car is a decisive aspect to protect the paint. While it is true that –as many drivers suspect– successive washes wear down the paint over the years, the accumulated dirt particles are much more harmful.

It is usually recommended to do a good car wash at least once a month. But the higher the frequency, the easier and faster it will be to do it.

The technician also warns that “it is important to ensure that there are no particles in the water that could scratch the car, as well as to use non-abrasive sponges.”

In addition to soft cloths, you should use specialized car shampoo. Household soaps or liquids can contain very harmful chemicals.

Weather and nature

Continuous exposure to solar radiation causes degradation of the paint. This effect is especially noticeable on solid and vivid colored vehicles (red, yellow), which fade over the years.

Therefore, whenever possible it is advisable to use covered garages.

Trees can provide shelter from sunlight, but they cannot be generalized as a solution: there are many species whose flowers or leaves contain resins harmful to lacquer, especially if one takes a long time to remove them and perform a wash.

Another disadvantage of trees is the birds, who drop their droppings unceremoniously on even the most handsome car. This is not only an aesthetic problem, but something more serious, because the chemistry of these elements is usually aggressive.

Strange elements

In the event that the car is splashed by solvents (kerosene, gasoline) or other substances present on the road (tar from asphalt, for example), the affected area should be washed quickly.

Exposure to heat and rain can speed up the damage process, so it’s never a good idea to let the weather take care of cleaning up unexpected items.

Similar care must be taken with seawater or saltpeter that spreads in the air in beach areas. Thus, after the beautiful postcard of the sunset by the sea and on the return from vacation, the car must be thoroughly washed.

Additional care

In addition to washing, there are maintenance tasks that can make our car look better and for much longer.

First of all, as a post-cleaning step, it is recommended to wax the bodywork between two and four times a year. The wax forms a very thin layer that protects against the weather and prevents dust from easily adhering to the paint.

This procedure can be done with products that are sold in specialized places. However, it takes a lot of time and patience. As an alternative, many car washes do this and it is inexpensive.

Polishing the paint removes surface scratches from the paint and restores the original color and shine of the vehicle. It is done with a frequency of between one and three years, since it is a procedure that also involves wear and tear.

As it is a more laborious task and requires special tools, it is done in traditional painting or detailing workshops, specialized in external finishing.

As a subsequent step after polishing, and to preserve the renewed appearance of the paint for much longer, it is advisable to apply a ceramic or acrylic protective treatment (also called “Tefloning”).

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