Marketers Should Be Aware of Five Different Types of Social Media Platforms

Every marketer should be aware that social media networks are not created equal. Assume again if you think that social media marketing is limited to the big guys like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Marketers must learn the practices of every available social media site in order to be valuable markers. Here are several types of social media sites that marketers should be aware of, aside from the usual household names:

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Sites for Social Networking

For most people, the word “social media” conjures up images of Facebook. You must understand, however, that social media marketing refers to a variety of venues where people can interact and communicate.

Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter are some of the most popular social networking services. This networking accomplishes the following:

Allow users to comment on, share, and respond to the material of others.

Make direct contact with others.

Connect with others in the community and talk about current events.

Let’s take a look at each social media network’s impact.


With nearly 1.2 billion members, Facebook has surpassed Twitter as the most popular social media platform. Facebook has undesirable demographics that include people of many ages, backgrounds, and professional ties.

Facebook advertising has become a big gold mine for modern-day marketers due to their popularity, as the network caters to every type of demographic.


LinkedIn users are more likely to wear suits and ties. Professionals wishing to connect are the majority of those that use the industry. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not focused on a specific type of content.

The platform provides users with an ideal opportunity to meet with relevant executives and/or CEOs. LinkedIn is the purest form of a social media network.


When it comes to focusing on bite-sized material, Twitter allows you to engage with anyone with just a single click. If you thought Twitter’s character limit of 140 characters was insufficient, think again.

Twitter enables marketers to respond quickly to consumer complaints, connect with influencers, and increase customer engagement. Above all, Twitter is one of the most user-friendly social media networks.

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Sites for Image Sharing and Messaging

The market today is controlled entirely by visual content. As a result, image-sharing sites like Snapchat and Instagram have become the new marketing trend. According to recent research, Instagram is on its way to being the first social media platform to reach one billion users. Snapchat’s initial public offering (IPO) dominated the IT industry in 2018.

But why have image-based social media platforms gotten so much attention in recent years? Here are some reasons why:

  • Brands can utilise images to show showcase their products in their original form.
  • The usage of photos is a departure from traditional blogs and lengthy written content, and represents great venues for businesses to curate and promote user-generated content.
  • Pinterest and Imgur are two other networks that allow you to share photographs in addition to Instagram and Snapchat.

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Sites for Video Sharing

Video sharing services, like image sharing platforms, are excellent marketing tools. YouTube and Vimeo are two video-sharing platforms on which you should focus as a marketer.

YouTube has about one billion daily users, making it the most popular video-sharing network. While YouTube’s viability as a social media platform is still in question, the platform provides a huge opportunity for creators to share their work.

Here are some reasons why video content is so important in marketing:

  • Requires little or no effort from the audience; all they have to do is watch.
  • Their entry hurdle is low; at the very least, you’ll need a laptop or smartphone.
  • Videos are ideal for informing your audience.

Blogging on social media

Many detractors say that blogging has passed the dinosaur test. According to research, brands that blog gets more leads and have higher SEO rankings than those that do not. As a result, blogging platforms such as Tumblr and Medium have become popular among bloggers. Advantages of such a

Platforms include the following:

  • Assist in reaching a larger audience
  • Making the most of your blog posts

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Marketers trying to get their products out there have plenty of options. Despite the fact that different marketing platforms differ, they all attempt to achieve the same goal: product promotion.

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