How to Find Cheap Flights to London

The British capital and the most popular city of the United Kingdom, London, is always on travel bug radars. Set on the banks of the River Thames, this city is the home to things of historical importance as well as the supporter of the youth. The center of the UK’s art, literature, and history, London, is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year.

Booking a flight from USA to London can be costly and thus many keep postponing their plans to endeavor this marvelous city. As to find a budgeted traveling way to London isn’t easy but with this article, it is possible.

The major expense while travel abroad is air ticket booking and thus the most common question asked by budgeted travelers is how to book cheap flight tickets. Well, there are many ways to try which you can make sure the Flight from London to USA fits into your budget.

Let’s find out the way on how to find cheap flights to London

Start by looking early

Most airlines list their flight 11 months prior to its flying schedule on its website, thus you can always start looking as earlier as you want. Start looking at least 6 months before your flying schedule and start noticing the regular highs and lows in prices. Notice on what day’s flight tickets prices are the lowest and keep a tab of all this data in your mind.

One more thing that you should be looking for is air tickets sales. Many airlines put up sales during festival seasons or off-season to boost travel and the tickets sold under these sales costs lower than buying on a regular day. The only drawback with these tickets is they aren’t refundable and can’ be rescheduled as well. So, before buying one, be sure and have a well-planned London travel itinerary.

Make ticket bookings early

Early ticket booking is the best way to book affordable and budget-friendly air tickets. As it works with the rule of thumb- the higher the demand, the higher the price. As the demand for air tickets increases by 70% in the last month, the flight ticket prices are the highest during this period.

The best period to buy air tickets is 4 to 1 month before your flying schedule, as the demand for air tickets is lower during this period.

Try keeping a flexible schedule

Cheap airlines tickets come in handy with a flexible traveling schedule. Every destination goes through three traveling seasons in a year consisting of peak season, offseason, and shoulder season. While the prices during the off-season are the lowest due to low demand, they increase during the shoulder period. And reach their peak at the peak season.

Try to choose off-season for your traveling endeavors but if you can’t then going with the shoulder season would be your best bet.

Book a night flight

Night flights are booked by fewer people and thus their prices are lower than the day ones. Thus, booking a night flight to reach your destination can save you a few dollars on your air tickets.

Plus, a night flight will provide you the optimum time to relax, thus you won’t be landing at your destination all fatigued out.

Book a weekday flight

Few people fly during weekdays than on weekends and thus the flight ticket prices on weekdays are lower than that of weekends. Some articles recommend booking a flight on a weekday as well, but that doesn’t work as for airlines it doesn’t matter on which day you are booking an air ticket. What matters is on which day your flight is scheduled to take off.

Use incognito/private mode

The most common recommendation to buy cheap airlines tickets is to take the help of the incognito or private searching mode. If you are a frequent online shopper then you must have noticed how prices of the things we search for often start to rise in a few hours after searching them. The same happens while buying air tickets and the cookies our devices use while we search for anything over the internet are responsible for it.

Thus, it is always beneficial to put your device in incognito or private mode before looking for flight tickets online.

Book Connecting flights

Among all the three flying itineraries, direct flights, nonstop flights, and connecting flights, the latter is the cheapest mode of air transportation. And thus going for connecting flights instead of direct or nonstop ones will save you a good chunk of money.

The only thing you require while flying with connecting flights is extra time in your pocket. These flights can take 3* and more time than nonstop ones to take you to your destination.

Use budgeted airlines

Budgeted airlines, like their names, charge budgeted amounts to cover distances, and this amount is much lesser than the one charged by international airlines. The only problem while booking flights with budgeted airlines is that they don’t fly on long routes like London to the USA.

But they have already started covering significant distances and thus are the best choice to book tickets for connecting flights.

Book one ticket at a time

Instead of booking all the tickets at a time, book each air ticket separately. Airlines most of the time runs discounts like 10% on air tickets up to $30. And as there is an to demand so no matter how many tickets you buy at a time, the maximum amount you will be saving is $30.

So, if a ticket costs $200 and you buy five tickets separately, you will be saving $50 while by booking 5 tickets all together you will only end up saving $30.

Avoid buying two-way tickets

Instead of buying two-way tickets or all your tickets from the same airline’s mix and match them. As the airlines that charge the lowest to take you from London to Belgium, many cost more than any other to take you from London to Paris.

Use the price comparison feature every time you need to buy an air ticket. And then book the most affordable option to prevent overspending of money.

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