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Does Air Duct Cleaning Helps House Smell Cleaner?

Having a cooling or a heating machine for warmer and colder season is something that you should always have been proud of. Sometimes these systems spread the foul smell around your house making everyone feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes the reasons are very small and sometimes the reasons are huge of having a foul smell from the cooling or heating machines. But one of the major reasons of the foul smell is the dirty ducts that spread the smell all over the house.

As a house owner, it is easier to find out what’s the exact reason behind the ducts spreading the foul smell but sometimes it is not easy to locate the reason. So what are the smells that can get trapped in the air ducts? For your reference, the air duct cleaning Fort Lauderdale service will give you ideas that what smells can get trapped in the air ducts.

Cooking Aromas

When you cook or prepare food, then it can lead to smells that can sustain for a long period of time in the house. Now these smells stuck in the air ducts and circulated in the house all over again till the air ducts are functioning. Also, when you fry the food, then it can cause the grease to spread in the air, which can coat the walls of the air ducts. This in turn creates unpleasant odours of stale grease to flow throughout the home.


The rodents can crawl into the ductwork system and leave droppings in the ducts. This happens because the rodents can’t get out of the ducts and they perish over there for a long period of time. The homeowners are not aware of this fact until they smell a foul smell coming from the ducts and that smell moves around when the ductwork system functions. So to remove this odour, it is necessary to remove the dead rodents from the ducts. Also the ductwork system should be cleaned properly by calling a professional from air duct cleaning Fort Lauderdale service.

Mold and Bacteria

The dirt and dust can build up within the ductwork system at any time if they are not cleaned properly by air duct cleaning Fort Lauderdale service. The debris can act as a catalyst for bacteria accumulation leading to smell all over the house. Also, this harmful bacteria can invade your living environment and affect your health and well-being. The mold can also grow inside the ducts if there is moisture content or humidity in the air. So when the mold spores get released into the air, they can get distributed in the home and causes smell making you feel uncomfortable.

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