Almora – A Must Visit Holiday Destination

Almora is a small hill station in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is located on the ridge at the southern edge of Kumaon Hills nestled within higher peaks of the Himalayan range. So, the place also holds importance in Hindu’s epic Mahabharata.

The best time to visit Almora is from March to May and September to November.

It was the beginning of the summer holidays. My friends and I had prepared a full-proof plan for vacay at Almora. We also checked the dates of the december global holidays as it was the wintertime.  We started our journey and after traveling for 24 hours straight we finally reached Almora. So, the first thing we did was locate our hotel.


Places to visit

(1)Bright End Corner:-

This place is known for cherishing the views of dawn and dusk. I was amazed to see the alluring views of the sunrise. So, the sunrays splattered beautifully over the small town of Almora, which looked like a painting.


Dwarahat is a lush green town in Almora. It is situated at a height of 1510 meters above sea level. We witnessed the immense beauty of the Kumaon mountains blessed with dense forest. We also saw an ancient temple ‘Dunagiri Temple’ in dwarahat.

Local cuisine

(1)Bhatt ki Churkani:-

This is an iconic Kumaoni dish. This is prepared by locally grown black soybeans bestowed with many essential nutrients. The dish was very tasty.

(2)Kumaoni Daal Bade:-

It is a local favorite dish. The dish is prepared from soaked split urad dal pestled to get a fine taste. It is crispy and enriched with different flavors.

These foods are better to taste during winters, so it is good to visit in December. You can check this link for holidays in December and then plan your journey accordingly.


Places to visit

(3)Zero Point:-

The place brought us close to the snow-capped mountains. So, we can see Kedarnath, Shivling, Nanda Devi, and many other Himalayan peaks. The breathtaking beauty of the mountains is incredible. In the peaceful atmosphere, we can also hear the sweet chirping of the birds, which made it even more amazing.


We have heard a lot about this pre-historic site. The place has over 50 caves and has inscriptions of pictures and drawings in different colors. It depicts civilization in the Stone Age Era with paintings of men and animals. We amazed to see such archaeological and historical secrets. 

Local cuisine

(3)Aloo ke gutke:-

This is the comfort food of Almora. I liked it very much. It is a simple everyday potato fry seasoned with chilies, coriander, and other spices. The simple taste is what we felt for.


It is a fried spiral that depicts Kumaon culture. The dish is soft, spongy, and flavourful. It is also a healthy delicacy made with banana, curd, milk, sugar, and cardamon.


Places to visit

(6)Deer Park:-

We had planned a picnic in the deer park. We wanted to spend this leisure time admiring the beautiful surroundings and wildlife. Watching a group of deer frolicking around in the lush greenery is a delightful sight. We also saw different animals, such as Himalayan Black Bear and leopards there.


Almora has many notable temples. There is a  very popular and notable temple in Almora, which is dedicated to Lord Golu who is considered as the lord of justice in Uttarakhand. According to Hindu Mythology, Pandavas have spent some time in Almora to escape from Duryodhana. Thus, the place holds importance in Spirituality and religious stuff. We had a flight the very day around 10 at night. So we left early. The trip gave us peace and relief from city life. We also got to know nature even better. On the trip, We enjoyed it very much.

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