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8 Reasons Why Rugs Took Over the Carpets

Everybody knows that home is a place where people can spend their time, relax and enjoy themselves. Home is the place where you should feel comfortable in your skin. You need to take care of your home and make it look good for yourself and other people who want to visit you. It is not arduous to see why rugs are taking over the carpets. One way to do this is by replacing carpets with rugs to look more beautiful than before! Rugs are much easier to install and remove than carpeting because there is no adhesive involved with the installation. Here are the reasons why these best area rugs are taking over the market:

1) Easy to Maintain

Rugs are the best area rugs because they are easy to maintain. They are easy to vacuum. When something spills, all you do is to take your vacuum or brush and clean it up. You don’t need to worry about the area rug backing because rugs are made of fabric, making them easy to clean and maintain. A simple brushing or spot cleaning is all you need to do. While carpeting is not that easy to maintain. You have to move the furniture away from the spillage and clean it up with carpet shampoo. If you don’t want to put too much effort into cleaning your carpets, rugs are definitely for you because they are easier to maintain than carpets

2) Easy to Wash

If you want to get a rug for your living room, choose one covering most of the floor. With rugs, there is no need to move any furniture around or struggle with cleaning under them. All you have to do is pick up your rug and wash it by machine or hand depending on its material. Rugs take less time to dry than carpets because rugs don’t have a thick backing material like carpets do. They only have a thin cotton or jute material that is wrapped around the rug’s bottom. This means that your rugs dry quickly, and you can use them again sooner than regular carpets.

3) Easy to Replace

Rugs are easy to replace. This means that if you spill anything on your rug, it is much easier to replace than a carpet because rugs are not expensive and don’t take long to find. Bring the old one in and measure for a new one, then order or head out into town and get yourself a new rug. Rugs transform your home without lifting a brush or spending any money on new flooring. The best part about rugs is that the color and design choices are endless, so you can purchase a rug that will go with your home perfectly.

4) Looks Trendy

Area rugs are modern and trendy. They are more beautiful than the flooring that they are covering. They are so beautiful that people are often hesitant to walk on them. People want their rugs to be seen and not walked or sat on because they take too much space. That is one of the main reasons carpets became popular in the first place, but it wasn’t long before everyone realized how low quality they have compared to rugs. They are now back in style, and they are better than ever. They have a variety of styles, and they come in a multitude of designs.

5) Easy to Install

The most crucial reason rugs are the best area rugs is that they can be taken out and put in place whenever necessary. You don’t have to go through what it takes when installing or removing carpeting because rug installation and removal are accessible as a breeze! This way, you get more use of your rugs, even if you are renting. Also, if you are a carpet lover, large area rugs are much easier to install than carpeting. This way, you can switch your rugs around whenever you feel like it.

6) Best for Kids and Pets

Rugs are also incredible for homes with kids and pets because mats help protect your carpets from stains, which makes it easier to clean up spills or messes that might happen during the day. Kids lose things like toys all over the house, but it is easier to find the lost toy when you have a rug in place of carpet. Also, pets are part of many families, and rugs make it easy for them to play around indoors without causing any damage or messes like they would with carpeting.

7) Avoid Dust and Dirt

This way, you don’t have to vacuum or sweep as much, making life easier for everyone involved. While carpets are great for insulation, rugs are better when it comes to noise control. But at the same time carpets catch dirt more efficiently, so you have to clean them more often. Also, washing a rug is a headache itself.

Summing Up

rugs have been taking over the carpets for a number of reasons. These include their durability and versatility in any room type or décor scheme. Whether you’re looking to add a traditional rug to your home or purchase a contemporary carpet style, we can help! RugKnots is an online retailer that offers free shipping on all orders and has hundreds of quality brands at affordable prices for floor coverings. You can browse our selection by size, color, design process (handmade vs. machine-made), fiber content (natural vs. synthetic), and more. We also offer expert advice in rug selection if you need assistance deciding which one would be best for your needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions – we’re here for you!

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