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Steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning – which is better for your home?

Many homeowners today choose carpeting as their primary flooring. There are many benefits to installing carpeting in your home, but you must remember that there are many other things you should consider first when purchasing carpeting. First, carpet cleaning is a regular job that needs to be done every month to keep your carpets well-maintained. You also need to remember that you need to wait 3-4 days after washing or cleaning the carpet so that the carpet is completely dry and there is no moisture left in its layers.

You also need to determine what type of cleaning you want to use for your carpets. Basically, there are two types of carpet cleaning: Steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Visit also: Carpet cleaning in Vauclose

Steam cleaning carpets:

This is an older method of carpet cleaning that some homeowners now refrain from. However, there are certain instances or situations where this method of carpet cleaning should be used. Steam cleaning involves applying hot steam to the carpet at high pressure to break down the inner layers of dirt. After a while, the dirt easily comes off the fibers of the carpet. Because the steam is hot, it is also effective in cleaning bacteria. However, the problem with wet or steam cleaning is that a lot of water is used in the process and the entire carpet becomes wet. The carpet cannot be put back in place immediately; it must be left in the sun for several days to dry completely. If large amounts of water are used, steam cleaning carpets can also be quite costly.

Dry carpet cleaning:

This is an advanced method of carpet cleaning in which no moisture is used in the cleaning process. There are many sub-methods of dry cleaning, and only a few of them use a small amount of moisture. This moisture dries within a few hours, so you don’t have to put the carpet in a hot room or in sunlight. Dry cleaning uses special chemicals, so it’s a more hygienic method. You can reuse the rug the same day you cleaned it. This way, you don’t have to walk on a bare floor for days until the rug dries out. Using chemicals does not create moisture, and unlike steam cleaning, you won’t have to worry about fungus or mold problems. This method also does not use water or soap, making it less costly than other cleaning methods.

The differences between the two methods are easy to see, and you can easily see why dry cleaning is often the most popular method of professional carpet cleaning.

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