7 Things to Do After a Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair fall is a common thing people go through on a daily basis. However, seeing too much hair falling can be quite concerning for anyone.

Too much falling hair can result in hair fall and can turn into hair loss at any time. There is no gender exception and the ultimate solution of it comes in the hair transplant. We have already heard about many hair transplant success stories. But there is still a lot of misinformation about the procedure that can leave you concerned. 

My elder brother also got a hair transplant last year and I remember before taking the decision he had multiple sessions with the best hair transplant surgeon in Islamabad to resolve all his concerns regarding the procedure. This made me understand that the procedure is not well-understood and there is a lot of misinformation about it. 

A part of these misconceptions was related to the recovery phase followed by the surgical procedures. Many people are either unaware of it or don’t know how they can heal faster. Here I am going to share a few things that are important for your post-transplant recovery.

How to Recover After a Hair Transplant?

If you are wondering about tips that can help you recover fast after the surgery, then this article is the perfect read for you. These include:

1- Get some downtime

Downtime is the first and foremost thing that you need to do after getting the transplant done. This is especially important for you because your early 24 hours after a hair transplant are crucial. So, never compromise on getting downtime. Try to rest as much as possible to help your body with the healing process. Your doctor can guide you better about your requirement for some downtime and how you can avail it better.

2- Don’t engage in intense physical workouts

Workout seems to be a routine for you. All thanks to the many physical and mental health benefits of physical activity. For this very reason, people indulge in physical activity. However, when you are getting a hair transplant make sure that these days can be an exception from your existing workout schedule. Most people require to refrain from physical activity or intense workouts for 48-72 hours, after that, they can resume their workout routine.

3- Watch your hair-washing routine

Hair washing seems like a routine for many. However, you may skip washing your hair for a few days immediately after getting the transplant done. A 2-3 days’ break is enough and gives enough healing time to your body. Even when you resume hair washing, try to be as gentle with your hair as you can. Also, be specific with the choice of hair shampoo. Go for a mild one and don’t apply it directly on your scalp. All of these hair-washing precautions can help you with post-transplant recovery.

4- Avoid excessive sun exposure

Sunlight exposure can’t be avoided completely especially when you are staying outdoors for a longer period of time. So, make sure to limit your exposure to harmful sun rays as these can be potentially damaging to your scalp. You may end up sweating and scratching your scalp consequently. So, keep your scalp away from direct sunlight exposure for at least two weeks after getting the procedure done.

5- Focus on your diet

Good nutrition is the key to everything. From your skin health to your eyes health, a healthy diet plays a crucial role. So, make sure to focus on your diet. Try to add more and more healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet to ensure a consistent supply of healthy nutrients to your body which helps with the healing process your body enters just after getting the transplant done.

6- Don’t smoke 

Smoking or other such habits are generally damaging to your health and this even takes into account your scalp health. Smoking has a direct impact on your blood circulation that is associated with your healing process after getting the surgery done. This plays a role in altering your blood pressure and its flow through your body. So, make sure to overcome your smoking habit if you want to heal faster.

7- Stick to your treatment plan

Your doctor recommends a treatment plan for early recovery. Thin takes in medication and ointments/creams that require a direct application. So, make sure to not skip your medicine and follow your treatment plan religiously if you want to heal fast after a hair transplant.

Bottom Line

Hair transplant is a common practice but despite being this common, the practice remains misunderstood. When you get a hair transplant follow all these practices to recover fast after the surgery. Alongside this, make sure to keep an eye on your warning signs and discuss them with your physician as soon as anything appears to go wrong.

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