The robbery season begins in June

With the arrival of summer, the tendency to suffer robberies at home increases. We will tell you what the average booty of robbers is by province and how this coverage of your multi-risk mortgage insurance works.

With the arrival of good weather and the progress of vaccination against COVID-19, we began to organize and plan multi-day getaways. Starting in June and throughout the summer, it is important to bear in mind that thefts tend to rise slightly above the monthly average.

By days of the week, Monday and Friday are the robbers’ favorite days to hit, but the distribution varies depending on the province. In fact, Thursday, June 4, 2020, was the day on which the most robberies were recorded in Pamplona last year, according to the Somos Seguros report ‘Thefts in insured homes.’

The average cost of thefts in homes by provinces

The report, prepared with data from 28 insurers (Seguros RGA among them), analyzes the period from August 1, 2019, to July 31, 2020. The conclusions yield some significant data on the behavior of these misdeeds, for which, Fortunately, your home insurance can help you get back on your feet. 

You should bear in mind that, on average, robbers take loot equivalent to 1,333 euros in each robbery, although the cost differs depending on the season and the location of the home. For example, home break-ins in the summer are usually less expensive than those in the winter. In provinces such as Pontevedra, Navarra, Alicante, Cantabria, A Coruña, Málaga, Salamanca, Huesca, Murcia, Segovia, Soria and Granada, robberies have a higher cost than the Spanish average.

How does the insurance cover in case of home theft?

Your Compato Rural Home Multi-Risk Insurance includes coverage for robbery, plunder, and theft ( * ). In these cases, the insurance will compensate you for the stolen goods if you have contracted content protection (goods and jewelry of high value if you have declared them), and 100% of the damage caused to the home during the robbery or attempted robbery if you have protected the continent.

The policy also establishes compensation of up to 300.51 euros for theft of cash, provided that you have not been away from home for more than three consecutive days.

The following are excluded from this coverage:

a) Robbery, robbery, and robbery:

– Committed by tenants of the insured property.

– If it is committed by people who regularly live with the insured or carried out with their complicity.

– Committed as a result of gross negligence by the insured.

– Of the objects that are in the common parts of the house.

– Cash in periods of uninhabitation greater than three consecutive days, except if during the period of uninhabitation they were deposited in a built-in safe or a box weighing more than 100 kg.

– Of valuables, jewelry, and cash that are in annexed dependencies.

b) Cash theft

c) Simple losses or misplacements.

What to do if you suffer a robbery in your home?

As we have already told you, there are a series of ‘low cost’ tricks with which you can minimize the risk of being robbed at home if you are going to spend a few days away. Keep in mind that if something like this happens to you, you should

  • Call the Police (091).
  • It is very important that law enforcement officers access the home and determine if it is safe to enter.
  • Do not touch anything until the Police do their investigation.
  • Make an inventory of what is missing when the Police allow you access.
  • Report the facts.
  • You have 72 hours to do it. Provides the inventory with the stolen goods.
  • Contact your insurance company to report.
  • In the case of Seguros RGA: 91 700 7000 or 900 33 66 00. In that call, they will indicate the documentation that is necessary to provide.

Definition of robbery, robbery, and theft


Theft: illegitimate theft or seizure of the insured property, against the will of the insured, through acts that involve force on things, the perpetrator or perpetrators entering the insured home by climbing, breaking the wall, ceiling or floor or breaking door or window, use of false keys, legitimate keys stolen from the owner, lock picks or other instruments specially designed to execute the crime of robbery, penetrating secretly or clandestinely, being ignored by the insured, their relatives, employees, hiding and committing the crime when the house is closed.

Exploitation: theft or illegitimate seizure of the insured property, against the will of the insured, through acts of intimidation or violence carried out on people.

Theft: Undue appropriation of a foreign object without using force on things or violence or intimidation on people.

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