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Super Bowl Activations – Sports Marketing Events You Should Know

When heading into the Super Bowl, you might have had the belief that the biggest rivalry was between the Rams and Patriots. Yet, most of the eyes were on the decade long match up. It is one of the biggest giants Pepsi and Coca Cola both eternally contesting to become the cola of the choice.

Note that Atlanta where the Superbowl activation festivities were held in 2019, is home to Coca Cola company. In fact, the namesake of the company was developed and then sold in this city over 130 years ago. Coke doesn’t sponsor the NFL, however, Pepsi holds a long term standing relation. Thus, it puts most of the Coke fans and residents on the edge, watching the brand’s number 1 rival not just come to the town but to extreme literally blue paint of Pepsi. Pepsi still seemed very grateful perhaps the tongue in cheek for chance was on Coke’s home turf. It also appeared to expand an olive branch for their time by endowing back to the Atlanta community. It was for each tweet, which used hashtags like #Share2Donate & #ColaTruce. This was a good move for appeasing the ones who were unhappy with the presence of Pepsi by taking advantage of the opportunity given by SuperBowl activation.

This opportunity was notable were over 1 million individuals expected to go down on downtown Atlanta for event festivities. Numerous other clever brands were even on-site. And similar to Pepsi, most of the Superbowl activation combined sports and culture. In the end, sports marketing events were the ones that won over the football fans.

Superbowl activation that scored well with fans

An article by Adweek comments on the way Pepsi’s marketing came into effect recently. It is the move by the brand to use the campaigns in co-occurrence with ads to reveal a good brand story. Particularly, it states, engaging on-ground experiences & locally relevant market-linked executions.

Olay and Adidas shows enormous love to their minority audience

The location, the timing and moreover the great event endowed Adidas with the correct forum to develop on what it has been revealing to people all along. Major inspirational lines were ‘Adidas is all in’ and ‘Impossible is nothing. While the popular footwear brand’s slogan might now centre in and around creativity, it even got extremely creative with the way it went all in to assist it in reaching the goals, which seemed impossible. In short, Adidas opted for kicking off the Superbowl activation presence at the National Centre for Civil & Human Rights. In place of showing off their various range of products, the brand decided to host panels on the inclusivity for groups like women and LGBT in sports. We mostly used to overlook the LGBT group when it came to sports like football and other events. But as Adidas concentrated on this too, it was a win-win for the brand.

Sleep number and Ford used the event tech for providing a memorable experience

Technology plays a crucial role in culture. And for the professionals of Stanford University Virtual, Human Interaction Lab revealed virtual reality is today changing the way we live and think, endowing good freedom and enhancing self-efficacy. Virtual reality permits our minds to wander out to other places & lives out those things we have always relished – imagination, daydreaming & entertainment. Ford as a brand understood the power that virtual reality beholds and used it to provide a multi-sensory experience to endow an everlasting impression for its brand and vehicles. This is the reason why the brand’s Superbowl activation was called ‘Built Ford Tough VR Drive In’. With a pair of good VR goggles, the guests were able to virtually drive 1 of 3 Ford vehicles from the chosen US location for the great event to Atlanta.

Next Superbowl activations were used by Sleep who used the same VR mode. After the brand ambassadors booked in the participants through iPad, they were made to put on headsets to view how sleep can impact their throw. Brands applications of VR were diverse & ensured to use guest love for games to add value to all their experience.

SunTrust Bank cater to the entire family

Millennials might not make up the largest group of SuperBowl attendees. Older GenX and younger baby boomers are the ones taking up the greatest chunk of the audience. However, if they wanted to get on with the excitement craving from the Superbowl experience, according to the latest survey, that can change.

Millennials were even known for their extreme love for a good experience. Also, they put a high priority on their child with present day’s fathers spending almost 3 times more on childcare compared to those 50 years back. About 44% are going on vacations. It makes it crucial to capture the audience attention of the future generation football fans in providing exciting and friends and family-oriented events. And this is what the SunTrust Bank, which is headquartered in Atlanta serving to the southeast.

At SunTrust in Superbowl, guests had the option to participate in games, win prizes, avail autographs etc. The brand also engaged in AR to animate football-themed murals through Snapchat. It is tied up with social media for expanding the reach of the brand through those sharing their online experience.

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