Is obesity a disease?

Many people say that obesity is a disease, just as if it were sclerosis or some other condition. For others it is not, but it is a risk factor for the development of different conditions. It is clear that obesity is not a personal choice, however, there are always solutions such as Monterrey gastric balloon surgery, a tool against obesity.

At BSE we have Obesity and Metabolic Surgery processes carried out with international quality and safety guidelines. We also develop our practice with a multidisciplinary team.

How to treat obesity?

Overweight needs to be taken seriously as its presence can cause serious and serious illnesses. However, for most people with obesity, you need to take more steps than just eat less and move a little more. Of course, these two things help and are necessary, but in many cases, obesity is somewhat complicated, especially when there are different situations such as genetics, the environment, socioeconomic status, medications, food quality and more than contribute to its presence.

That is why it is necessary to resort to efficient treatments such as weight loss surgery in Monterrey, which really represent a change.

Lifestyle change

An effort is necessary to lose weight, consume fewer calories, and increase physical activity. This entails a change in healthy eating, exercise routines, among other things. However, although people do lose weight, the results are not so extreme. What happens is that our body is designed to keep its weight higher, that is why when we try to lose weight by reducing caloric intake and increasing exercise, the body will reveal itself to keep the weight high.

Of course, this does not mean that you should not exercise, it is as important as paying attention to your diet. Since when weight loss has been achieved, exercise and good nutrition will help the person maintain their ideal weight.


There are special drugs for weight loss and chronic weight control. Each pill works differently, some have the ability to make people feel less hungry, others make people feel fuller, or perhaps the food has less flavor. Some medications will make it harder for your body to absorb fat, or they can speed up your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories.

Medications require exercise routines and healthy eating. Therefore, a lifestyle change is also necessary, combined with medication, physical activity and a balanced diet. They should never ingest a drug if the constant supervision of a specialist doctor and its progress.


It is not just any operation but metabolic surgeries, known as Monterrey gastric sleeve or bariatric. It is a non-invasive operation, with little risk and with a high degree of efficiency. This intervention helps reduce weight dramatically, as well as keep it in control and even help reverse diseases that are related to obesity.

There are different bariatric operations by Experienced Bariatric Surgeon in Vadodara and each one has its objective and its characteristics, yes, all have the objective of modifying the way in which food is digested. This intervention alters the production of hormones that regulate fat storage, decreases the intake and absorption of calories.

Finally, of all the treatments that exist to reduce obesity, surgeries such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, balloon, that is, metabolic operations, are the best option you have. If you do not know what type of procedure is best for you, depending on your situation, you should go to professionals. Surgeons specializing in weight loss interventions that can guide you and give you information about it. Especially that they have a team of professionals from different areas to support the entire weight loss process.

There are many options, so it is essential that you know and ask your doctor many questions in order to find the method that works for you and your body.

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