How to choose the best health insurance?

There are many people, faced with the long lines and waiting lists that the public health field has to endure, who decide to get private best health insurance so that they can save time on their doctor visits.

However, in the market, we find great deals on health insurance, so it is not always easy to choose the best product that best suits our needs.

So, in this article, we’ll tell you what best health insurance is and what it covers, the types of health insurance you can choose from, and some tips to make the best choice for you.

However, it is best to contact a qualified specialist with experience in this field, such as European Insurance, so that they can guide you and you can be in the best position to choose the best health insurance for you and your family.

What is best health insurance and what is it covered?

El health insurance, or best health insurance, is a contract between the insured and the insurances company whereby the insurer pays the insured for medical expenses that may be incurred by the insured in exchange for the payment of the insurance premium. However, the medical expenses covered by the insurance company will depend on Coverage for a specific insurance policy.

Without a doubt, having health insurance is the best way to get faster care, more direct consultations without waiting lists, and more privacy on the ward when you’re hospitalized.

In any case, what is best health insurance? 

Although health insurance coverage depends on the policy that has been signed, the fact is that the coverage that is usually provided is as follows:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Pediatric insured persons under the age of 14.
  • Hospital and home emergencies.
  • Medical assistance in the event of a traffic accident.
  • Immediate hospitalization without waiting lists.
  • Rehabilitation, psychology, or speech therapy courses, among other specialties, are usually limited in number.
  • Dental Insurance (if you have a contract). With this coverage, preventive treatment such as dental visits or cleanings, and services such as root canals or X-rays will be covered.
  • International Assistance. Many health insurance plans include this coverage, allowing you to receive medical care in other countries.

In addition to these coverages, other coverages are strongly requested by policyholders, and in response to their needs, more and more insurance companies are making such coverages essential.

This is the case with alternative medicines, family planning, or reimbursement for small amounts of medicines.

Types of best health insurance

While the market is vast and there are many types of health insurance, the truth is that we can include them in six health insurances. They are as follows:

  • No Copay Medical Records Insurance: With this insurance, the insured will be able to use all the health services the insurance company offers in their medical catalog in exchange for paying a flat premium (usually monthly).
  • Insurance with Copays: In this case, the insured will pay a lower premium than the previous one, but the insurer will not be responsible for all medical expenses, so the insured will have to pay for the medical services they use as part of the fee. However, the insured will be able to access the insurance company’s entire medical chart and only pay for the services they use.
  • Scale insurance: Much like copay insurance, in this insurance, the assured will pay the premium and cover a portion of the cost of the medical services they use. However, the premiums to be paid are much cheaper than before, and the services used to cost more.
  • Surrender: In this case, the insured will not have access to a specific medical record. Therefore, the insured has to pay for every medical service he uses, after which the insurer will reimburse him for the amount agreed in the insurance policy.
  • Coverage without hospitalization: These are much cheaper, but in return, they do not cover the insured’s hospitalization if needed, although they have access to the insurance company’s medical chart.
  • Dental Insurance While it is normal for dental insurance to be contracted with Medicare – as the price of the premium doesn’t increase that much – you can also contract dental insurance yourself.

How to Get Our Health Insurance Right: Some Tips for Knowing Which Health Insurances Is Best

Since the health insurance offers in the market are huge, it can sometimes be difficult to know what is the best health insurance. However, below, we have provided you with some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Consider your needs: Our needs are different, and there is no doubt that health insurance must adapt to the needs of the insured. Therefore, it is important to take into account the age, health, or lifestyle of the insured so that you can obtain the most complete coverage for your specific needs.
  • Insurance Company: It is necessary to consider which insurance company we will contract with, their reputation, their trajectory, and the professionals who serve the relevant insurance company. It is vital to be satisfied and confident with your insurance company.
  • Coverage and coverage: Once you have considered your and your family’s needs, you should choose a policy with the necessary coverage to meet those needs, as not all plans include the same services. Also, you must consider your budget to be able to choose between one type of health insurance and another.
  • Exclusions: It is important that you consider services that are not covered by your insurance policy. The most common are sports injuries from HIV treatment, high-risk or dangerous sports, and the aftermath of war, attack, or epidemic.
  • Supplementary Services: It is necessary to take them into account, as many policies include supplementary services that are not required but significantly increase the price of the insurance premium.

Compare the deals you find on the market.

With these tips, you can choose the best health insurance for you and your family.

However, if in addition, you have the services of an expert Thanks to our 24 years of experience advising and assisting in health insurance contracts, support, and services, as Euroteide Seguros we can recommend the best medical insurances on the market and the best medical insurances for you and your insurance.

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