Hot Weather And its Effects on Car Tyres

Your car tyres will not feel well in blistering summer due to extreme heat. The rubber of tyres is a natural compound. Therefore, it will biodegrade due to climatic factors like heat and sunlight.

As you can assume, the effects of heat on Tyres Chichester during the summer season.

In this blog, we will talk about some common effects of the summer season on your car tyres.

Let us begin with the air pressure!

Heat Expands The Air

The air inside the tyres responds to the decrease and increase of the temperature. It contracts because of cold and expands in warmer weather. Due to cold, the molecules of air move slowly to cause contraction. Similarly, the molecules of air will dance quickly because of the hotness in the environment. As a result, air will expand to increase the air pressure in car tyres.

Apart from the vibration of molecules, the rubber material is also a cause of high air pressure. Moreover, when car tyres run on the road surface, friction takes place and increases the heat level at the same time. This heat is further enough to increase the air pressure in tyres.

Therefore, you have to be cautious. Check the air pressure at regular intervals and do not start your journey if your tyres have high air pressure.

Overheat in Tyres

Another problem in the summer season is your tyres overheating due to hot roads and high levels of environmental temperature.

You will find your tyres hot when you touch them if they are experiencing overheating. Moreover, the increase in air pressure is also a sign of overheating.

You can prevent this problem by taking regular breaks if you are driving to cover a long distance. Moreover, park your vehicle always in a sheltered place to avoid the bad effects of heat.


Summer season is a season of blowouts. Most incidents of blowouts happen in the summer months due to extreme heat. When you run your car on a hot surface, your tyres will naturally become hot. As a result, the tread rubber will wear out naturally at a faster rate.

Moreover, high pressure in tyres will increase the risk as well if your tyre hit a pothole or another hard object.

The Flexibility of Rubber Material:

Rubber has a natural tendency to become soft due to heat. Therefore, your tread rubber will experience the same effects during the summer months. It will become softer due to the summer heat. As a result, your tyres would not be able to maintain proper grip and traction on the hot road surface.


It is easy to pierce the softer body of the tyre for a hard and sharp object. Therefore, summer tyres are ideal for tyre punctures. Your tyres will be more likely to face punctures if they are experiencing tread wear.

If you want to prevent punctures in the summer season, never allow your tyres to overheat. Moreover, ensure an optimum level of tread depth since the tyre tread saves the tyres from punctures and blowouts due to thicker construction.

Some Preventive Tips to Save Your Tyres in The Summer Season

Make sure that you drive your vehicle on properly inflated tyres. High air pressure and low air pressure both are harmful to the health of your tyres during the summer months.

Moreover, you have to run your car on tyres that have proper tread patterns and depth. Faulty tyres will be more deadly in the summer months.

Drive your vehicle according to the road surface and speed limit. Increasing speed unnecessarily may lead to a blowout.

Do not overload your vehicle because overloading is also the main cause of blowouts and rubber degradation.

Use summer tyres in the summer season. These tyres are designed to face the challenges of the summer season efficiently. They are available with a harder rubber compound to maintain proper softness with the required rigidity on hot roads.

Moreover, summer tyres come with an optimum tread pattern that helps the tyres not only in dry roads but it is helpful in wet conditions as well.

Mobile Tyres Fitting Service For Sudden Tyre Problems

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