Do Abu Dhabi Indian Schools Have a Digital Campus?

Given that we live in digital times, Abu Dhabi Indian schools have a digital campus that changes the learning experience. As a matter of fact when it comes to its schools, Abu Dhabi has the best possible institutions-right from the Montessori nursery school level to the high school level. The thing about education is the fact that it is a constantly evolving process. This is especially true in today’s digital world.

E learning which is real time and highly evocative in the way that it instructs, informs and educates children has become the norm world over. In fact it is the digital facet of education that enabled the schools of the world to continue educating their children, despite extended lockdowns. That is something that is just as true of Abu Dhabi schools as well. Let us look at what this entails.

ETH Digital Campus

All the premier schools in Abu Dhabi are empowered by the definitive ERP to help digitally manage the important functions of school education. Every aspect of the education process and all the stakeholders including teachers, students, management and indeed the relevant ministries are linked together and empowered by the ETH digital campus software.

The myriad aspects of school administration and management that the ETH Digital Campus manages for its Abu Dhabi school include student admission, timetable, teacher observation, staff/leave management, payroll management, parent portal, fee management, result processing, library management, grade books and so on.

Among the Indian schools in Abu Dhabi that boast a digital campus are the Abu Dhabi Indian School, Al Ains Junior School, Al Marfa International School, Al Saad Indian School, Asian International Private School, Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School, Dunes International School, Gems United Indian School and Global Indian International School. 

Advantages of a Digital Campus from Montessori to High school

  • A school empowered by a digital campus creates an enabling  and seamless online environment that goes beyond the confines of the physical campus. In any case a digital campus has become an inalienable part of a school student’s life and the ongoing pandemic has only brought the sheer convenience and value of the system to the forefront. 
  • A digital campus promotes student engagement like nothing else does. The latter can access their courses, interact with their teachers and obtain relevant and up to date information in real time. Rather than being a staid and dated concept, education via a digital campus is a live and evolving format of education that imparts the most contemporary knowledge.
  • Even as uncertainty looms about a return to the pre pandemic normal, the education sector has seen relative continuity and indeed has evolved to come up with a new normal where digital education is doing the heavy lifting in terms of providing the necessary education to children in the most uncertain of times.
  • With technology evolving and improving with every passing day, we can only expect more improvements in what a digital campus can deliver to students. Abu Dhabi being a place where everything is of the highest standard and latest in terms of things like technology, you can be sure that its schools would have kept pace and this would reflect in their digital campuses.
  • This is especially true of the Indian schools in Abu Dhabi, with the natural affinity for technology that the Indian people have. There are so many new facets of technology like virtual and augmented reality that can make their way into the elearning systems followed by schools. As a matter of fact this is a great time to receive an education, what with technology adding unique dimensions to the learning process.

The students of today can accelerate the speed and quantum of their learning thanks to the advances being made in e learning all the time. This is something that is well understood by the Abu Dhabi Indian school digital campuses who are doing their very best to make these campuses as effective and useful as possible. Going forward we can expect these schools to set an example for others to follow in the way that they leverage digital campuses to impart the next level of education to the next generation of school children.Like in other things that it undertakes, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is a trail blazer and in the field of education the Indian schools there are leading the way.

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