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Dental implant price: how much does it cost?

What factors determine the price of a dental implant?

Undoubtedly, on more than one occasion, you have seen advertisements and promotions related to the placement of dental implants. It is very positive that, today, the prices of dental treatments are a little more affordable than in the past. However, my advice is not to blindly trust these offers. Within the cost of the dental implant, factors such as:

  • The implant study
  • The quality of the implant and the guarantee offered by the chosen brand
  • Specialist training
  • The surgical techniques used
  • Technological advances in the clinic
  • The quality of the accessories used
  • The inclusion of follow-up checks and implant maintenance in the budget

The usual offers of cheap implants usually include only titanium fixation and, therefore, in many cases lead to confusion among patients. But, in addition, before opting for a dentist, taking into account the amount of the budget, you need to know a series of factors:

  • The quality of the materials used and the trust in high-end brands have a very positive impact on the correct osseointegration of the implant. For this reason, at Avodent, we rely on implants from the Straumann and BioHorizons brands, high-end and proven influential over the years. And it is that both houses have represented the high quality of their products, the innovation, and the maximum precision of the treatment. 
  • Years ago, specialization by the dentist was not so common. However, there is a wide training offer for dentists to specialize once they have completed their degree. Therefore, choosing an expert implantologist can make a difference in terms of the success of the treatment.

Now that you know what facts can directly impact the cost of treatment, you will be able to make the right decision when choosing your trusted dental clinic to start your dental implant treatment.

How much does a dental implant cost?

The price of restorations on implants depends on the number of parts to be replaced and the initial situation of the patient’s mouth. Next, we break down the cost of different types of dental implants.

Implant price

In this regard, many patients are initially confused. And it is that the implant itself refers only to the fixation that is inserted into the alveolar bone. This, therefore, replaces the root of the missing piece. There are different types of implants -screw, sheet, cylindrical or zygomatic-. However, at Avodent, we prefer screw implants, as they are more resistant and require a shorter osseointegration period. The price of a single screw implant in our dental clinic in Alcobendas, Madrid, is €550.

How much does a single implant with a crown cost?

This is the perfect solution for those patients who have lost a single tooth. A crown is screwed onto the dental implant to replace the tooth. In this way, the patient recovers both the aesthetics and the functionality of the smile. Therefore, it does not matter if the missing piece is an incisor, a central, a premolar, or a molar. It is essential to restore that tooth to enjoy proper oral health. The dental crown can be made of different materials: metal-ceramic, lithium disilicate, or zirconium, and its price varies slightly. Therefore, the approximate cost of a single implant plus crown in Spain – more specifically, Madrid – ranges between €1,150 and €1,490.

Price of a dental implant with sinus lift

Sometimes, people experience a loss of bone mass in the jawbone. This may be due to the condition of periodontal disease. That has not been treated in time or as a consequence of the loss of teeth prematurely. A sinus lift is a surgical technique that increases the bone mass of the posterior part of the upper jaw in a vertical dimension. In this way, after this surgery, patients will be able to undergo the placement of implants instead of opting. In this case, for the post of removable prostheses -much less functional, in addition-. The price of a sinus lift implant surgery round is approximately 940 €.

How much does a dental implant with bone regeneration cost?

Bone regeneration is a surgical technique performed when there is not enough bone to support dental implants. To increase the amount of bone mass, either a bone graft from the patient or particulate bone can be used. Thanks to the use of particulate bone with the help of two differentiated dental materials -Bio-Oss or Emdogain- bone regeneration is stimulated, and its dimension increases. In this way, the correct osseointegration of dental implants is possible. The price of placing a dental implant and performing bone regeneration surgery in the north of Madrid is around €940.

Price of a dental bridge

The fixed dental bridge is the perfect option for those who suffer from losing more than one tooth in an adjacent position. For its support, the placement of at least two dental implants will be necessary. Therefore, the price of these prostheses will depend, on the one hand, on the number of pieces to be reimplanted and, on the other, on the number of implants required.

How much does a complete rehabilitation on implants cost?

On some occasions, it is necessary to replace all the dental pieces of an arch. To do this, implantologists recommend choosing a fixed prosthesis -or semi-fixed- on implants whenever possible. Fixed hybrid prostheses replace all the dental pieces in an arch and, in addition, return aesthetics and functionality to the patient’s smile. After its placement, the patient will be able to lead an utterly everyday life and eat what he wants without the risk of it falling off when chewing. Its price ranges between €3,900 per arch, and to this amount should be added the cost of the implants necessary to support it.

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