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11 Smart Ways to Protect Your Wood Floors from Rugs

Wood floors look beautiful in any home, but they often take more maintenance than other types of flooring. One way to protect your wood floors is by adding rugs around the house. Rugs are a great way to add style and personality to your home while protecting your hardwood floors. There are many styles and fabrics of rugs that you can choose from, but we will focus on the best for wood floors. This blog post will provide you with some helpful tips on finding the best area rugs for your space, as well as how to maintain it so that it looks its best all year long!

Protect the Floor from Scratches

The main reason why you would want to add a rug in the first place is to protect your floor from scratches and scuffs. If you do not have any rugs, then the chances are that people will be walking on the wood floors with their shoes all day long. This can lead to some major damage over time, especially if there is heavy traffic. It also exposes your floor to the elements, so you must do what you can to protect it.

Place Rugs Around Furniture & Entryways

You may have heard of placing rugs under furniture or in front of doors before, but this trick will help reduce the damage done to your hardwood floors even more! If people are walking around on the rugs, it will provide an extra layer of protection for your flooring. This is especially important if you have children who love to play in your living room or entryway. It also protects your floors from spills and stains, especially if you have pets!

If You Need to Move Furniture Place Rugs Behind It

Are you moving furniture around? Try putting down rugs behind it before driving or placing the furniture back in its original spots. This works well for heavy tables like sideboards that could scratch your flooring without a rug under them. If you are moving smaller items, place rugs where they will go before putting them down on top of it to avoid scratches and scuffs!

Safeguard Your Wood Floors with Area Rugs

Area rugs help protect your wood floors from spills or staining caused by furniture legs that might scratch their surface. It would protect the hardwood floors from damage and you from potential heartache if a chair leg were to scuff the floor. Large appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines, can do a number on your floors when they are moved in and out periodically throughout their life span by wearing down wood surfaces over time. If the refrigerator is placed on a rug, it will prevent damage and extend its life.

Protect Your Floor from Dirt and Dust

Another reason to use rugs is that they will protect your wood floors against dirt and dust. This is especially beneficial if you do not like vacuuming all of the time (who does?). Rugs are very easy to vacuum and can be used to cover up large areas of wood flooring. If you are using rugs on your floors, they mustn’t curl at the corners or edges. You should use rounded furniture pads under your legs, so they don’t scratch hardwood floors.

The Rug Type

What kind of rug should you get? The best type of rugs for wood floors are those that have a non-skid back on them. This is because these types will grip the base and prevent it from moving around, which prevents scratches from occurring as well! Keep in mind that going this route may not be ideal if your wood floors are in a high-traffic area. Large area rugs are an excellent choice for protecting your floors, but a smaller rug in a high-traffic area is not recommended. Avoid placing rugs on top of hardwood floors when they are newly installed or refinished.

Prevent Dirt

Area rugs are incredible for wood floors, but you have to be mindful of the type that you get. For example, wool is a good option because it has excellent durability and water resistance to resist stains from spilled liquids easily. The only drawback is that they might be a little tough to clean because of their coarse texture. Rugs trap all the dirt and dust from the soles of your shoes, which can lead to a buildup on your floors. If you have pets or kids who track in dirt after being outside, it might be best for you to use an area rug made up of materials such as synthetic fibers because they’re easy to wash with soap and water. Also, they are machine washable.

Place Rug Correctly

Make sure that you place your rugs correctly. You should have a space between the wall and the edge of the rugs, especially if your rug is large or very thick with many layers. Placing it too close to any surface might result in damage such as indentations on either side of an object.

Be Careful with the Size of Your Rug

The size and thickness of your rug are very important for protecting wood floors from them. If you have a small, thin rug, then there will be less protection for your flooring than if you had a large thick one. When choosing the right-sized rugs for your home, it is important to consider your room size and the thickness of your rug. Generally, you want a good ½ inch between your floor and walls.

Eliminate Moisture

Rugs absorb humidity. They also trap dust and dirt. Moisture in the air, along with any of these things on your rug can cause damage to wood floors. This is why it’s essential to dry out your rugs after you wash them thoroughly and give them a good shake outside before placing them back down in different rooms throughout your home.

On a Final Note

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. Protect your wood floors by measuring, planning, and installing rugs correctly! You may have to do some extra work upfront, but it’s worth the time for a lifetime of protection. You can find a fantastic selection of rugs that are perfect for your wood floors at RugKnots. We offer free shipping, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and lifetime warranties on all products shipped to you!

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