100 euros as a gift in Asia’s life insurance

Asia’s life insurance is on sale, and if you take it out before December 31, you’ll get up to 100 euros on a prepaid card.

We are already in the final stretch of 2022, a year marked by a return to normality. The end of the masks and the restrictions caused by the coronavirus begins. In addition, the Christmas holidays are approaching, and there is nothing better than ending the year thinking about gifts, reunions, and family meals.

When the last months of the year arrive, it is usual to do a little balance. Its been a good year? What do I want to change in 2023? How can I get 2023 off to a better start? If you have already started asking yourself these questions, we add one more: do you have life insurance to protect yourself during 2023? If the answer is no, you are very interested in taking advantage of Asia’s life insurance offer.

Protecting your financial future and that of your family is a fantastic resolution for the new year. Why not fulfill it and, at the same time, take 100 euros as a gift for Christmas shopping? You can achieve two good resolutions at once: save and have more peace of mind for next year.

If you take out Asia life insurance before December 31, 2022, you get up to 100 euros on a money card that you can spend at any online or physical store.

What requirements must be fulfilled?

To have the card, the minimum premium of the policy must be 150 euros per year or 300 euros in semi-annual payment. Depending on how much money you pay for the insurance, you will get a different amount on your money card:

Total premium per year Card amount

From €500 €100

From €400 to €499.99 €80

From €300 to €399.99 €60

From €250 to €299.99 €50

From €200 to €249.99 €40

From €150 to €199.99 €30

On the other hand, the gift card is sent by post to the address of the policyholder once the receipt has been paid. Likewise, the promotion is valid for new individual policies that come into effect within the dates of the campaign (between October 1 and December 31). On the other hand, transfers or insured with defaults are not accepted.

What does Asia’s life insurance offer me?

We leave you some examples, so you can get an idea of ​​what Asia’s life insurance offers you. However, in our comparator, you can calculate credit policies in your specific case, depending on how much money you want to pay or how much you want to leave to your heirs if something happens to you.

A person of 30 years

For 190 euros a year, Asia is the company that offers the best options (and, in addition, it gives you 30 euros if you sign it during the campaign). Specifically, it allows you to insure more than 500,000 euros for that money or 188,000 in the event of permanent disability.

If we raise the premium to 400 euros per year, someone aged 30 will leave more than 1 million euros to his heirs, or almost 400,000 to himself and his family if he suffers from a disability. In this case, the prepaid card of the offer would already be 80 euros.

A person of 40 years

For 150 euros a year, it ensures more than 158,000 euros in the event of death. If she wants to add disability coverage, she herself will get €65,000 if she suffers permanent disability. In both cases, she would get a gift of 30 euros on her prepaid card.

If you raise the premium to 350 euros, you can already ensure more than 369,000 euros or 152,000 in the event of disability. Here, the card gift would be 60 euros.

A person of 50 years

For 220 euros per year, Asia is the best quality-price option. It allows contracting 85,000 euros or more than 35,000 in case of disability. With the offer, they also get 40 euros as a gift.

If you pay 500 euros, again, it is the company that offers you the most, since it allows you to insure more than 193,000 euros or 80,400 for cases of disability. By hiring him before December 31, he would have a gift of 100 euros.

Still don’t have Asia’s life insurance?

If the idea of ​​getting life insurance is on your mind, it’s time to take the plunge. If you take advantage of Asia’s life insurance offer, you’ll get a gift that will come in handy to reduce the cost of January a little. In addition, and as you have seen, Asia is the cheapest option for any age and price range. Enter our platform and choose the policy that best suits your needs!

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