Why isn’t my erection as strong as it used to be?


   Erectile Dysfunction or ED, a health disease could be attributed to the cause of failure of erection sustainability or the reason behind why your erection isn’t as strong as it used to be.

•           Some common identifying symptoms of ED are:

•           Difficulty getting an erection

•           Difficulty sustaining an erection

•           Reduced sexual desire

Some common names of medicines would be –

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•           The causes behind it could be physical or psychological.

•           Physical reasons can be:

•           diabetes nerve damage suffered due to injuries

•           high blood pressure

•           hormonal disorders (thyroid conditions and testosterone deficiency)

•           obesity and metabolic syndrome

•           surgical complications

•           multiple sclerosis

•           heart disease and narrowing of blood vessels

•           Peyronie disease, etc

•           diabetes, disorders of the penis

•           treatments for prostate disease

•           smoking, use of alcohol, also cocaine

•           Parkinson’s disease

•           radiation therapy to the pelvic region

•           Psychological reasons can be:

•           fear of intimacy

•           depression

•           general anxiety

•           Stress

•           Concerns regarding the relationship, miscommunication or poor communication thereby causing stress

•           Embarrassment

•           Low self-esteem

•           Primary ED: In some cases, it is plausible that they never experienced an erection and in that scenario, it is termed as Primary ED.

•           People who are on medication might also suffer from ED as it might be a side effect to it.

•           Some scenarios that have plausibility:

•           drugs to control high blood pressure

•           heart medications such as digoxin

•           anxiety treatments

•           antidepressants

•           opioid painkillers

•           some cancer drugs, including chemotherapeutic agents

•           anticholinergics

•           hormone drugs

•           Atherosclerosis: Formation of plaque on your artery walls due to fats, cholesterol, etc can cause blood flow problems and thereby resulting in ED.

•           Prostate cancer: Advanced stages can cause ED to occur. Although in earlier stages it does not happen.

•           Surgery on the prostate gland or removal of tumors, radiation therapy can also cause erectile dysfunction.


•           Oral medication: A vastly preferred method to deal with ED is Oral medication. It has free delivery.

•           These pills are taken before 30-60 minutes.

•           Pill is taken empty stomach.

•           These require mental or physical stimulation to become active.

•           Though a very common and mostly safe remedy people are advised to refrain from using these pills in certain cases. They would be:

•           People who have suffered from a heart attack.

•           Patients of diabetes.


•           To understand how these pills work, first we’ll have to understand how erections happen.

•           Simply stated, humans have two different types of hormones/chemicals in their body –

•           One that makes erections happen.

•           The other that inhibits it.

•           Two chambers present in the penis start to let blood flow in which causes the penis to become firm and it starts expanding.

•           This is how erections happen.

•           Then how do these pills work?

•           These pills are also called PDE-5 inhibitors.

•           These inhibitor medications increase the amount of chemicals that make erections happen in our body.

•           The chemicals that kickstart the process of getting an erection or “pro erection chemicals” are increased and better blood flow is experienced by the penis which in result sustains the erection.

•           These pills are advantageous as they come at the ease of being just a pill.


•           Although there might be some side effects experienced by users.

•           Some common side effects are:

•           Headache

•           Lower Blood Pressure

•           Dizziness

•           Skin flushing / Redness

•           Sinus congestion

•           Stuffy nose

•           Heartburn

•           There might also be some specific side effects to the particular medication.


•           Vacuum devices:

•           Treatment in mechanical ways is also available for those who do not want to tread down the path of medications.

•           Vacuum pumps draw blood into the penis which is then retained by bands that are slid on.


•           Surgery and penile implantation is another way to look as a replacement for oral medication. Typically not recommended.


•           Some changes in lifestyle can prevent or lower the chances of erectile dysfunction.

•           Heart Diseases, Diabetes, and other chronic health diseases make one susceptible to ED. Consult your family doctor or the doctor who might be aware of your history.

•           Regular Checkups

•           Tobacco can cause Erectile dysfunction, so it would be advisable to reduce consumption or altogether give up intake of it.

•           Exercise – This is a good addition to one’s lifestyle regardless of anything. Join a gym or go cycling.

•           Reduce stress: Find ways to destress, meditate or join a dance group. Stress plays a large factor to ED and reduction decreases chances of future susceptibility.


•           There are some questions that one should expect when checking in with the doctor on the off-chance that one might have ED.

•           Medication History: As mentioned above other medications could have ED as a side effect and therefore be ready to answer questions about medication.

•           Medical history: Diabetes can cause nerve damage which in turn might result in ED.

•           Alcohol consumption: How much do you drink? Frequency?

•           Tobacco: Do you smoke?

•           Did you undergo tumor removal?

•           Did you suffer an injury in your pelvic area?

•           Have you ever had radiation therapy?

When did these symptoms occur?

Experiencing difficulty during penetration?

Any problems with arousal?

Did they start gradually or suddenly?

If erections do happen, how firm are they?

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