What to look for when Setting up a Video wall and a Video Wall Control System?

Organizations have been using video wall technology for several decades. This technology has been quite effective in sharing information in many different types of environments, but as with all technology, there is always room for improvement. This short article will help you better understand what to focus on when you want to deploy a new video wall powered by a video wall control system.

The investment

Video walls are expensive. It is therefore important to identify all the most important factors before installation as it is going to be a hefty initial investment. You will certainly recover the cost in time with the benefits that your video wall will bring. It’s also worth noting that maintaining a video wall is generally very inexpensive, especially if you’re looking at the latest LED technology. Today, video walls have a life expectancy of about 8-10 years, so you can expect to spend very little money on maintenance during those years. Therefore, to protect your investment, identify your needs and don’t get more than what you need. Bigger isn’t always better. Instead, make sure that both your video wall and your video wall control system are scalable. This way, you can easily increase the size and power of your video wall in small increments as your needs grow.

Focus on your goals

Prior to starting a new visualization project, you should identify your goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve with your new video wall? Consider the users, the content, the sharing requirements of the information on the wall. Who will control it? How will it be managed? Think of the ways that the  video wall control system will increase productivity and efficiency in your organization or perhaps enhance visualization experiences. Consider the quality and the source of your content. It is important to understand the goals and objectives from all the stakeholders.

What will be your required space?

Selecting the right video wall is often determined by its size. Depending on where your video wall will be located with determine not only its size but also the optimal brightness and the pixel density required to display your content in the highest quality. It will also determine the distance between the wall and ts viewers which will also help determine the type of wall that you would need.

Managing your video wall

To simplify the installation, configuration and operation of your video wall, you will need to a good video wall control system.


Video wall technology is ideal for visualizing a lot of information is a single place by several people at once. The most efficient video walls always come with a video wall control system. Video wall controllers and centralized video wall management software can be provided by VuWall, a leader is visualization solutions around the world.

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