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Greetings, again, friends of the cleaning. As always, one more entry, we come to bring you tips, secrets, tricks and all our knowledge on the great subject that our activity involves: cleaning. In these latest posts, we decided to focus on offering you little quick guides to help you with one of the big cleaning problems: the lack of time we can dedicate to it.

As we have emphasized, we do not always have the right moment to start sweeping, mopping or dusting. In addition, if we wait too long, then the amount of dirt to be removed and the effort we must put into it increases. Therefore, it is important to know how to take advantage of those cleaning secrets that we know and apply them in a way that we avoid wasting leisure and rest time, to dedicate them to obligations that we do not like too much.

An always clean home

In the last publications, we have reviewed spaces in our environment, which are really conflictive, in which we must pay more attention when cleaning. You already know the most practical tips that help us to speed up the cleaning of our bathroom and kitchen, and how, with a basic daily routine, you can avoid wasting moments of pleasure, in tasks of this nature.

Today, in this new post on our blog, we want to offer you one last installment of tips with which to save time on the weekend when organizing your home and take definitive control of it, without wasting hours that we should be able to dedicate to more enjoyable tasks. Do you want to know what are the essential tips for a quick and effective cleaning of your home? So don’t miss out on the following lines.

Enjoy your perfect home

  1. Remember to always clean from top to bottom.
  2. Although it may seem contradictory, we recommend sweeping and vacuuming before dusting. Certainly, it seems logical to think that we will “dirty” the floor again, but in the other way, when sweeping, we lift the dirt from it that ends up, again, on the furniture.
  3. If you soil any carpet, curtain … remove the stain instantly. If you let it dry, you will have a lot more work to make it disappear.
  4. To save time when ironing, keep clothes stretched and neatly folded. Keeping it wrinkled only contributes to increasing the effort that we must make later.
  5. The laundry will be more bearable if you organize the clothes to be washed during the week.
  6. Let your mattress air out for a couple of hours a day and turn it over every two weeks, so you don’t have to vacuum it every week.
  7. A new sofa looks great for the first five minutes. Then, with the slightest mistake, we can ruin the brightness of it. Put covers that suit him and your taste, that are easy to remove and wash.
  8. Planification and organization. There are tasks that are not necessarily mandatory in cleaning the home, on a daily basis. Establishing a calendar that allows us to distribute these throughout the weeks will allow us to have absolute control over the situation.
  9. Mondays, even if they cost, are the best day to collect and organize the house. On the weekend, everything you order can be messy in a matter of seconds, if you have children around, or receive many visitors.
  10. A trick to “wax” your broom. Wrap the brush in a nylon stocking. By generating static electricity, you will collect lint and dust the first time.
  11. Divide and conquer. If instead of dedicating a whole day to tasks like cleaning all the windows, you clean a window every day; Without realizing it, at the end of the week, all the windows will be done and you won’t even have realized that you did it.
  12. In the same way, if you dust an area every day, you will only dedicate a few minutes a day to it and, come the weekend, you will only have to do a quick review of the furniture.

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