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What does Travel Insurance cover work in the case of Covid?

Nothing better than traveling with peace of mind and knowing that, for any unforeseen event far from home, you will be supported. Therefore, taking out Travel Insurance is always a good option. But, after all, does the travel insurance cover medical expenses in the case of Covid-19?

This issue has left a lot of people in doubt, so we’ve gathered the main information about CMS Travel Insurance coverage in the pandemic. Keep reading!

First, understand what does Travel Insurance works.

Medical, hospital, and dental expenses can cost much more than the amount reserved for the trip, especially outside the country. In the United States, for example, a hospital stay can cost as much as $3,500 a day. When this happens, usually the tourist pays. With travel insurance, however, there is no such worry.

If due to an accident or illness, it is necessary to use the health services of the destination, the insurance company is responsible for paying or reimbursing the expenses with the care. That way, you avoid more inconvenience and stress during the trip.

What are the insurance coverages?

Since 2014, Travel Insurance has ceased to be just personal accident insurance and has also started to offer other coverage to ensure greater peace of mind for the traveler. Among them are:

  • emergency medical care;
  • medical, hospital, and dental expenses;
  • compensation for death or total or permanent disability;
  • interruption or cancellation of the trip;
  • compensation against theft, loss, or damage to the luggage.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover Covid-19?

Epidemics and pandemics, in general, are risks excluded from travel insurance coverage. But many insurers have taken different measures for the coronavirus. Some began offering full coverage for Covid-19, while others limited compensation until the disease was diagnosed.

In the latter case, the insurance company is responsible for the expenses of emergency care until the confirmation of the Covid infection. After the diagnosis, the treatment must be left to the tourist or the local authorities, according to the health guidelines adopted in each destination.

If you have already purchased travel insurance and want to know how to resolve your situation, contact the insurance company and ask for assistance. However, if you are still going to hire, talk to your broker and ask all questions before signing the contract.

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