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How does health insurance childbirth include work?

Are you thinking about getting pregnant and still don’t have health insurance? It’s best to hurry. Although there is health insurance childbirth included, this coverage usually has a more extended waiting period, so if you hire too late, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits in time. This article explains how these insurances work and what aspects you should consider before subscribing.

Why is it important to have health insurance childbirth includes?

Health insurance that includes childbirth expenses is an asset for anyone thinking of becoming pregnant. This coverage is, as a rule, included in the hospitalization of your eye health insurance and aims to respond to the specific needs of childbirth, as well as helping with pre and postpartum routines.

The maximum compensation limit for health insurance childbirth is part of the sub-limit of the value defined for the hospitalization cover, which, in itself, already covers expenses associated with a stay in a hospital or clinic for a period of more than 24 hours.

How does health insurance with childbirth include work?

Childbirth coverage is usually included in hospitalization coverage. Health insurance with childbirth included may offer different benefits depending on the insurance company you hire. However, in a generic way, these insurances usually include:

  • Medical fees, which represent expenses with assistance provided to pregnant women, including physicians (obstetrician and pediatrician), anesthesiologist, assistants, and instrumentalists, when necessary;
  • Some insurers may also provide physical wellness services, including birth preparation.

The use of health insurance with childbirth included presupposes that the holder pays an agreed amount and the co-payment paid by the insurance company in the costs of hospitalization for childbirth, as in the payment of other consultations and exams that are not related to pregnancy.

The insurance holder is also responsible for paying hospitalization expenses exceeding the maximum amount of childbirth coverage provided in the policy.

Grace period?

Health insurance coverage for childbirth usually has a grace period of, as a rule, 360 days, which is longer than other coverages.

Therefore, it is advisable to subscribe to this coverage or the complete insurance at least one year in advance to ensure that you can count on this support on a long-awaited day.

Is it possible to add childbirth coverage to the current health insurance?

Yes, if you are thinking of becoming pregnant and would like to add this coverage to your current health insurance, you can do so. To do so, simply contact your insurer directly and request the inclusion of this benefit in your plan.

Don’t forget the grace period.

Add birth coverage to your health insurance at least 360 days in advance.

Suppose your current insurance no longer meets your needs and you are thinking of becoming pregnant. In that case, this may be an opportunity to change insurers and subscribe to a solution with more advantageous conditions.

What types of birth are included?

As a rule, health insurance with delivery included ensures deliveries in a hospital environment, as long as they require the specific means and services of the hospital.

The types of delivery included in health insurance are:

  • Normal birth;
  • Caesarean;
  • Voluntary termination of pregnancy.

Important note:

Suppose the insured person is hospitalized for any reason related to the pregnancy, other than for delivery (normal or cesarean section) or voluntary termination of pregnancy. In that case, this expense is deducted from the capital available for hospitalization coverage.

Do these insurances also provide coverage during pregnancy?

Pregnancy-related examinations and consultations may not be covered by childbirth coverage. As a rule, these medical acts are guaranteed by outpatient coverage and other hospitalization needs during pregnancy, as long as they are not related to it, which are covered by hospitalization coverage.

What to watch out for when taking out health insurance childbirth coverage?

Before taking out health insurance with childbirth included, it is essential that you clarify some crucial issues and make sure that it consists of some specific coverage.

We leave you a checklist of questions you should ask insurers when analyzing the market offer concerning health insurance with childbirth included:

  1. Does health insurance include risky pregnancy or childbirth complications?
  2. Can the insured person choose the hospital of their choice?
  3. Can I have access to stem cell cryopreservation?
  4. Are the recommended ultrasounds reimbursed?
  5. Are neonatal medical expenses included?

In short, having health insurance is an asset, not only for childbirth but for any health problem that may arise. These insurances give you access to a series of hospitals and doctors specializing in private health to guarantee the necessary health care faster and at a more competitive price.

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