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how does coverage of personal accident insurance?

Most of us mortals know in general terms what accident insurance consists of, what it is for, and what its main coverages are; mainly the payment of benefits and compensation in the event of death or disability of the insured person after a mishap, but also other common guarantees, derived from an accident, in the policies of the branch such as health or travel assistance, management service or hospitalization.

However, the most competitive insurances can offer us coverage that we do not expect in a product of this branch. Generally, guarantees of additional contracting that can provide us with very useful services that accompany the essential ones and offer us greater protection and facilitate a better response. in case -knock on wood- something serious happens to us or someone close to us. We tell you what these lesser-known coverages of accident insurance are :

personal accident insurance assistance service

Coverage that goes far beyond legal advice, as it offers us the help of a large number of professionals in the event that we have suffered an accident and have to stay hospitalized for a period of time: from the help of cleaning staff in our home to the care of small children, with some disability or elderly relatives. On the other hand, in the event that we have returned home after a period in the hospital, but we still have to spend some time convalescent, we could also count on the home care of health professionals or have a pharmacy service on call at home. 

Help to pay the self-employment fee.

Suppose we have an accident and we are self-employed, which would put us in serious economic trouble beyond the significant personal damage suffered by having to spend a period of time without being able to work due to the physical and psychological consequences derived. This coverage would give us an important cable, guaranteeing us the payment of a monthly amount to make the payments corresponding to social security, minimizing the economic damage caused. The usual thing is that the casualty insurance company pays us a monthly amount during the period that has been determined, as long as we remain temporarily unable to work and continue to be registered as self-employed in social security.

accident insurance veterinary assistance

Accident insurance can be useful for all the components of our family. Yes, we have emphasized all. What if it has been our dog or cat that has suffered an accident? The veterinary care coverage takes care of the pertinent expenses to care for the injured animal. You can not ask for more.

Third-party aggression

Unfortunately, some of the accidents happen not because of error, recklessness, mistake, or bad luck, but because of the bad faith and aggressiveness of other individuals. Accident insurance must also provide for the payment of an additional benefit in the event of death or disability of the insured as a result of aggression by third parties, including cases of robbery or kidnapping.

Plastic surgery

It guarantees the insured the coverage not only of medical expenses but of other concepts such as professional fees, stays, and maintenance caused by a cosmetic surgery intervention, provided that the operation is performed to correct the damaged or deformed body surface as a result of an accident and taking into account the limit established in the conditions of the signed policy.

In addition, it must be taken into account that, except for surprises, the contract with the insurance company will have a relatively short time limit, around one year after the insured person’s medical discharge, for carrying out the operation. 

orthopedic prosthetics

It may be that the incident that we have suffered is of a serious nature, and we need the implantation of orthopedic prostheses to recover a good part of the quality of life that we had before. If that is the case, accident insurance can provide us with capital for this type of operation, whether it is hip or even internal trauma.

Authorization of housing and automobile

If we have been seriously damaged after an accident, it is also important that our home and car must be adapted to our physical condition and mobility. The insurance could help us, and a lot, by paying the necessary expenses for the fitting out of both spaces, always up to the maximum limit that appears in the particular conditions of the contract that we have signed.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to justify before the insurer the adequacy reforms carried out, presenting the invoices corresponding to said interventions.

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