Do you know what a dry pan is? Understand the problem and see how to act in this case!

You may have heard of the dry pan, a problem that all drivers are told to avoid. When this happens, in addition to having consequences if you are in traffic, car parts can be damaged.

Depending on where the car has stopped, there may be risks to the safety of the driver and also the occupants of the vehicle.

To better explain what a dry pan is and how to act in the face of it, we have prepared the following information. Check it out and learn how to proceed! 

What is a dry pan?

A dry breakdown is when the vehicle stops running because the fuel has run out. Every vehicle has a reserve, be it alcohol or gasoline, but the breakdown occurs when even this reserve runs out.

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Since the problem can catch the driver inattentive, completely by surprise, it is important to understand, also, the signals that the car gives.

If the fuel runs out, the driver can start to feel failure and the car gives small “punches”, stopping soon after. It’s very similar to the feeling we get with the pedal when the car dies.

To avoid this problem, you must always pay close attention to the tank pointer. In addition, the quality of the fuel used can greatly influence the performance of the car and even how long you think the feeling will last. 

Adulterated gasoline should be avoided (it’s good to fill up in a trusted place), as well as habits that ruin the car.

Problems and penalties caused by a dry pan

The dry pan is foreseen as an infraction in the Traffic Code. For this reason, it generates a fine, today at R$ 130.00 and 4 points on the CNH.

But in addition to the fine and all the inconvenience that this can cause in the driver’s life, some car problems can happen. The first component that can suffer impacts is the fuel pump itself.

If it dries, it can get too hot and with that, the piece will be damaged. Another problem that can happen is dirt getting into the injection system. 

If this place becomes clogged, then there is difficult for the fuel to get back where it needs to be.

It happened! what to do? 

Knowing what to do in case of any breakdown is very important.

If even so, knowing the importance of always checking the fuel level before leaving, you happen to forget or for another reason, you can’t realize that the fuel is running low, you need to deal with the situation.

Sometimes a problem with the pointer that indicates the amount of gasoline can confuse the driver and suddenly the dry pan occurs. In case it happened to you and the car stopped working, calm down! See what to do:

Step by step

  • Immediately signal that you have car trouble, especially if you are in traffic. Turn on the hazard lights and, if necessary, push the carriage safely to the corner of the guide.
  • Remember to place the triangle safely to signal other drivers that your car is stopped, depending on the location.
  • Check with your insurance ad schedule 1 tax form to see if you can get any assistance. Dry pan is usually not one of the auto insurance coverage, but 24-hour assistance is. Therefore, find out if it is possible to activate it, for towing, for example.
  • If you don’t have this possibility, ask someone you trust for help and look for the nearest gas station, on foot, to get fuel that is missing.
  • One option is to ask someone to bring the fuel (it may be a few liters) so that you can drive the car out of the place.
  • As soon as you remove the car from there, seek to refuel it immediately.
  • If it is better, then take the vehicle to a mechanic or reference workshop to be able to analyze if there was any damage due to the episode.

It is worth saying that it is always wise to have a gallon of your own for emergency cases in the car. This is because it is not allowed to pick up fuel and transport it in conventional plastic bottles. 

But the best, of course, is to never miss it! 

Were you able to understand what a dry pan is and what can come from it, as well as how to better prevent it? 

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