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Car theft: the Panda is a thief’s favorite

There is a vehicle that is more prone to car theft than others: the Panda. Let’s see why and how to protect yourself from this type of risk.

More and more tech car thefts and less than 40% of stolen vehicles are found. All the others end up in the traffic of spare parts or vehicles sold abroad on capital one.

Car theft: the most stolen cars in 

The data on this type of crime comes from the LoJack “Dossier on car thefts”, which collected and processed the data of the Ministry of the Interior for 2020, integrated with national and international processing and reports on the subject.

More than one million cars have been stolen in the last 10 years and one in 10 theft concerns the Fiat Panda. The ranking of the most stolen vehicles, drawn up based on data from the Ministry of the Interior, is as follows:

  • Fiat Panda
  • Fiat Cinquecento
  • Point
  • Launch Y
  • Volkswagen Golf

Pandas are the most stolen mainly because they are a very widespread vehicle in the national territory, which means that spare parts have a big market and that stolen vehicles allow criminals to earn more than double the value of the entire vehicle sold. used.

If the destiny of stolen city car cells is to remain but disassembled for spare parts, large-displacement cars, first of all, Audi Q3, Q5, and BMW are destined for the illegal foreign market and that’s why fewer than 4 cars are recovered. out of 10.

Car theft: how to defend yourself

Thefts are increasingly technological, just like new cars. Thieves are equipping themselves with increasingly sophisticated equipment to bypass vehicle-mounted security systems.

In fact in our country 25% of the thefts of cars and SUVs equipped with Intelligent, the contactless key that allows opening at a short distance, takes place using a technological device that takes 30 seconds to overcome vehicle security, in particular:

  • reprogramming of the key through the diagnostic socket;
  • duplication of the smart key signal also called relay attack.

But how to defend yourself from theft?

It is the Carabinieri who provide a series of advice:

  • close the car with a visual check, to prevent someone in the vicinity from being able to inhibit the smart key;
  • avoid parking on public roads in dark areas;
  • equip yourself with hi-tech and always up-to-date anti-theft devices that follow the evolution of thieves’ techniques.

And then the best solution to protect your wallet: add the theft and fire guarantee to your car insurance, which protects you especially if your car falls within the 60% of vehicles never found.

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