5 steps to find guest bloggers for you

Making your company known is always a necessary step.

▪ A new audience is acquired (followers of the guest writer). A specialized audience.

▪ Fresh content is good for SEO. Content is king. Let’s see a few steps for it.

Step 1: Create an Email Template for Guest Blogger Requests

In the guest blogging activity, we recommend creating an email template to send to those writers. That you would be interested in having as guest bloggers on your b2b site. Those whose skills and experience in blogging activity are relevant to your b2b line of business. . Email template must be custom for each writer.

The benefits of serving as a guest blogger need to be clear to the writer on the staff. Make sure to let them know that you are not interested in them building links. And that you will not allow the following links in the body of the blog. Natural-looking links in the author’s bio would be permissible.

Here are some of the potential benefits for guest bloggers that can be mentioned in the email:

▪ Provide one or two links in the author’s signature to your website, blog, or social media profiles.

▪ Give credit to the author for making their name prominently on your blog.

▪ Provide a link to the author’s Google+ page.

▪ Provide a mention of the author’s post on your Twitter or Facebook fan pages.

▪ Provide part of your services for the guest author for free, especially if he is an author in high demand as a writer in your b2b market niche.

Step 2: Network of bloggers in your Community

There are a few reputable sites on the web that can allow you to meet bloggers and preview the content they post. The ones listed below are sites where you can find promising guest bloggers in your niche.

Google + – You can register for free and browse the articles in the gallery by finding details of the articles. The details given are the title, description, category/tags, content preview, and author signature. Choose the preview you like the most and fill out a form with a time frame for content delivery.

BloggerLinkUp – Although it is in the English language; is a free community for guest bloggers and website owners. You can submit a request for what you’re looking for, and the people who write about it can get in touch with you and provide that content for your blog. You can indicate if you want the material to be original. Or you would accept content that has been published previously.

GuestBlogIt – A community of guest bloggers similar to the disgraced MyBlogGuest. You can browse gallery articles and choose the ones you want to publish. Signing up is free.

GroupHigh – Helps you discover the best bloggers on the Internet. You can find bloggers in a certain geographic location, check blog metrics, etc. The site offers a free trial but then it is necessary. To set up an account that is paid annually.

Guest – It’s a community of guest bloggers and website owners that even lets you check the author’s Klout score to find out their social influence. Signing up is free.

BlogDash  – This site allows you to contact bloggers in your niche. Its use is free for bloggers but there is a one-time twelve-month membership fee for companies.

PostJoint – A new blogger community connecting blog owners and guest bloggers in a very simple interface. The site is currently running in Beta and it is free to participate.

Blog Zone – This is a group of LinkedIn bloggers. You can join the group with your LinkedIn profile and start interacting with bloggers.

Step 3: Search for Guest Bloggers via Google

You can use Google as a search engine to search for blogs in your niche and therefore find authors to contact via email or social media.

Step 4: Insert ads on your social media pages

Advertise that you are looking for guest bloggers on their social media pages. Offer the necessary guidelines to those who are interested to act. As a guest blogger on your site. Make sure the topic they write about is relevant and useful to your readers. You can also offer something interesting in return.

Step 5: Comments Left on the Blog

The comments that the public leaves on your blog can be very useful. Most likely, these people know about the topic and may have more ideas to share. Get in touch with them via email or social media. And ask if they would be interested in writing a post for you.


▪ Make sure the blog’s quality and style harmonize with your own.

▪ Try to read the post and make spelling and grammar corrections before posting.

▪ Check that the content is original and has not been published before.

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