5 Points About Foot pain management

Do You Stand All Day For Work? Here’s How You Can Avoid Foot Pain Management and Injury

If your job involves spending hours on your feet, there is a great probability that you are familiar with a splint, shin, blisters, and swollen feet.

Generally, people overlook the fact that their legs and feet are continuously working even when they are standing still. They are constantly adjusting themselves to the environment to keep their body stable and well-balanced. Standing at a particular place for day long is way tougher than moving around in some way.

According to the research findings by HealthDay Reporter, standing for 5-6 hours a day causes stern lower-limb muscle fatigue. Also, it is a major cause of back pain and musculoskeletal disorders among workers who stand for hours at their workplace.

Your feet start swelling when you don’t get enough rest and required care. But there are several ways to feel comfortable at your work or after your clock off. Proper foot pain management is always needed to improve your workplace performance, especially when you have to stand for day long.

Whether you supervise a construction site or spend maximum time in a kitchen as a chef, here are some effective ways to avoid foot pain and injury.

Tips To Mitigate the Adverse Effect of Standing All Day

Here’s what you can do to keep your foot pain, ankle soreness, and related injuries at bay.

Walk More Often

Surely, standing for hours in a particular position is pretty tedious. That’s why; it is suggested to take some steps whenever you find time for it. Every minor step plays a vital role in reducing your foot pain.

No problem; if you can’t walk outside the office (or a place where you work) as you can march in the place to feel a little better. Walk improves blood circulation in the body and makes your muscles perform effectively.

Lift-up Your Feet in Spare Time

Surely, it looks awkward to elevate your feet during work hours. But you can lift your feet for 10-15 minutes in your lunch breaks. Get gravity work in your favor to improve circulation. You can also try this effective exercise after your working hours or before going to bed.

Taking out 10-15 minutes for elevating your feet isn’t an impossible activity. You can easily manage the time if you truly intend to live a pain-free and healthy life.

Wear Compression Stockings

Previously, it was considered a bit awkward to wear an outdated compression stocking. But, gone are the days when such compression stockings were deemed outmoded or old-fashioned.

Nowadays, advancement in technology has made it possible to get thin compression stockings in desired colors, style, and design. If you have stand occupation, wearing compression stockings is ideal for keeping your blood circulated and protecting your feet from injury. Also, they are helpful to relieve leg and foot pain.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

If you want to give 100% good performance at your standing job, then develop the habit of wearing top-quality comfortable shoes at your workplace. Always opt for well-fitted shoes that allow a bit of room for swollen feet. Always choose rigid shoes with little high heels than the forefoot.

Usually, people prefer wearing lighter shoes. But, one of the key disadvantages of wearing lighter shoes is that they never provide enough support to your feet.

So, spend money on shoes that bring comfort for you.

Wear Custom Foot Orthotics

Do you know the key function of legs and foot muscles in a standing job? Mainly, they play a significant role in stabilizing your body. Orthotics provides great support to feet and legs. Also, they make it easier for muscles to perform well without getting any strain and injury.

Resultantly, your legs feel less tired, and you can perform routine life activities without getting tired.

Internet is an ideal source to find out premium-quality orthotics according to your feet’ needs. You can check the chosen company reviews and ratings to select top-notched customized orthotics for your feet.

Moreover, consult a pain management specialist as he can better suggest suitable orthotics according to your foot needs.

Change this Notorious Habit of Standing in One Place for a Prolonged Period, Give Better Life to Your Legs and Feet

Undoubtedly, it is inexorable, mainly when you have a standing job. But, you can work on the tips mentioned above as they can bring significant improvement in your life.

However, if you still feel discomfort or unpleasing pain in your legs, ankles, or feet, then seek professional help without any delay. You can consult a qualified and professional pain management specialist near your location. Once you have found a suitable pain doctor for your foot pain, the next key step is to discuss the complete history of your foot pain with him. A competent doctor recommends the best treatment to bring real comfort in no time.

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