5 Mood-Enhancing Scents You Need to Try

Among the five senses that human beings are gifted with, the smell is the strongest. It greatly influences brain activity and triggers certain emotions. Normally, not everyone will think of aromatherapy when they feel down, low on energy, and sad. However, that should be the first approach when one is feeling this way. The olfactory bulbs present in our nose are part of the limbic system. This system directly affects the areas of the brain that processes learning and emotions.

This is why, if we smell a certain scent, it reminds us of someone or a situation from the past. Perfumes that are made up of different ingredients are not only pleasant to smell, but they also boost your health and immune system. If you feel healthy, you will automatically feel good about yourself. Many scents, especially those that are alcohol-based, have antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. If you wear them, it will help to keep germs at bay. Perfumes have a direct impact on the hypothalamus – part of the brain that sends messages to other organs. A whiff of an enriching scent can be the cause of many pleasant changes in the body.

If you are curious about how fragrances can help in brightening up your mood, read about the following mood-enhancing scents that are wonderful for this job.


Whenever you are feeling anxious, angry, or run down, a strong but soothing scent can always help. Lemon has an enticing odour that promotes concentration. These fruits have a fragrance that has calming and clarifying properties. Moreover, lemon scents are exceptional when it comes to boosting immunity. As it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, lemon fragrances can help your body fight off many diseases. Wearing a soft lemon scent can cure your sore throat and improve your circulation as well. After all, the happier you feel, the stronger is your immunity. 


Flowers can be your best friends whenever you are feeling down. They are pretty, colourful, and aesthetically pleasing. More than that, they smell wonderful as well. As you read earlier, once you smell something soothing, your body starts to calm down automatically. Jasmine is a flower that does not only look gorgeous but smells heavenly as well. Due to this reason, doctors prescribe jasmine fragrances to patients who are fighting depression. Whenever you are feeling like an anxiety attack is about to hit your body, immediately sniff a jasmine scent to get your nerves in control.


The scent extracted from lavenders is the perfect solution for an anxious mind. As it has soothing effects, it facilitates in controlling the symptoms of anxiety. It is crucial to learn how to manage emotional stress. However, for people who have extreme anxious episodes struggle with this idea a lot. For them, it is effective to always keep lavender-based fragrances around them. Wearing these scents or taking periodic whiffs of lavender will calm your senses instantly.


Sometimes, the energy simply refuses to enter back in your body. Almost every other person is suffering from exhaustion, and that affects the mood significantly. Certain fragrances act as stress-melters. One of them is rosemary. It has stimulating properties that can cure severe exhaustion, headaches, and fatigue. If you need a bit of get-going force in the morning, inhale a rosemary scent and spend your day with revitalised energy. 


Whenever you feel low or anxious, your body craves for freshness immediately. The best way to achieve this is to wear a peppermint fragrance. It not only invigorates the mind, but it boosts focus and concentration as well. Whenever you have to brainstorm, and you do not have the energy for it, a whiff of peppermint can stimulate your brain activity like nothing else.

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