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Here’s How Massage Eases Migraine Symptoms

If you experience migraines, you know how immediate and devastating they can be. The severe symptoms, including nausea, unbearable headache, and sensitivity to light, make it imperative for you to look for an ideal solution to treat migraine and avoid its occurrence in the future.

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Surely, there are multiple ways to treat migraines. But according to recent research findings by the National Institute of Health (NIH), massage is one of the most effective and well-recommended ways to treat migraine, headache, and related body pains. The National Headache Foundation research findings indicate that 1 in 5 US children (aged 5-17) are prone to headaches. 15% of them experience headache due to tension whereas, 5% gets the pain due to migraine.

You can opt for Geylang Wellness Centre to get the finest and useful massage according to your body needs. Professional massage therapists try their best to meet all the major requirements of their valuable customers.

We are currently diving into the remarkable benefits of massage for migraines and how it eases excruciating migraine symptoms.

Migraine Headache

It is not recommended to get a body massage with active migraine as it increases the sensitivity to sound, smell, touch, and light. However, massage helps a person to recover from a certain event. Usually, individuals feel tenderness and stressed muscles as a side-effect of migraine. Don’t worry; massage is the best way to address all those concerns perfectly.

Here are some common symptoms of migraine, including;

  • Intolerable pain that disturbs your sleep.
  • The frequent headache gets exacerbate with time.
  • Sudden personality change ( a person starts acting cranky or stubborn).
  • Vomiting or change in vision.
  • Fever

If you also experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, then seek medical help without any delay. Minor negligence might cause some unpleasant outcomes.

Massage and its Impact on Migraine

Undeniably, getting a professional massage is a ray of hope for those who want to get rid of migraine attacks without taking medicines.

Here’s how massage provides relief to your body;

Targets Trigger Points

Trigger points are spots in our muscles, and they are considered the major cause of pain in the body. Also, they are the reason behind weaknesses in different body parts. For instance, we feel pain in the jaws and head due to the trigger points in our neck and head.

Precisely, trigger points are pretty normal and can occur within any muscle in the body.

Getting a professional massage is the best way to target trigger points and ease the complex symptoms of migraine. Surprisingly, there are numerous stages of a migraine, and each stage comes with different symptoms. However, it is necessary to treat the ‘starting point’ of the body as it works well for all other body parts.

Generally, ‘sudden pain in the neck is considered the common and most occurring symptom of migraine. Researchers also confirm that more than 50% of the patients with migraine attacks experience neck pain during each stage of migraine. Sadly, agonizing neck pain worsens the situation and makes it impossible to tolerate migraines without taking medications.

That’s why; it is recommended to target the trigger point of the body, and getting a professional massage is the best way for this purpose. Trust us; you will feel significant improvement and relief in symptoms after getting a ‘Trigger point massage’ from the certified spa or massage center.

Improves Circulation in the Body

Poor circulation is the key cause of the discomfort, fatigue, and exhaustion in the body. Limited blood circulation causes muscles to stop receiving nutrition for the healthy development of the body.

That’s why; massage is deemed effective because it improves blood circulation by applying pressure to different parts of the body.

However, keep in mind that not all massage therapists know everything about different massage types. So, it’s better to choose a spa/ wellness center after proper research. Otherwise, the risky massage can put your life, health, and money at stake.

The exact cause of migraine is still ambiguous but finding some symptoms surely explains that getting migraine attacks is throbbing. Triggered migraine releases certain chemicals that start traveling to the brain’s outer layer and inflame the blood vessels. Resultantly, a person feels headache, pain in the neck, and sometimes experiences sinus too.

Researchers also unveil that there exists a strong association between migraine and restricted blood flow in the body. That’s why; getting a professional massage is the best way to improve blood circulation in the body that resultantly cures migraine.

Leave the Stress of Migraine Behind With a Professional Massage

The discussion mentioned above indicates that massage plays a vital role in improving the well-being of a person. That’s why; we suggest you develop this habit of getting professional massage more often.

The selection of certified spas, including Geylang Wellness Centre, can make this experience of getting the best massage memorable for you.

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