Setting up of the canon printer

As you have bought you favourite canon printer, now it is necessary to have right driver that is compatible with both machine (hardware) and operating system (software). By doing this you get the best results out of your machine.

Before starting up with this procedure make sure you have uninstalled the previous installation that has faulted and use only official driver and any alternate used might change the outcome. Or

Follow the given steps to have your canon printer set up in no time and with ease.

  1. Model number of your printer is the main requirement in order to have your setting up your printer started. It must be written on either the box of the printer or your bill or it must be pasted on the printer back side or under the printer.
  2. Visitthe site or for the next step.
  3. Enter the exact model number in the space provided on the webpage.
  4. Then you will be redirected to the links where you will be downloading the drivers for your machine. There will be options of downloading the drivers according to the connection of your printer to your system, i.e., wireless connection and wired connection or USB connection.
  5. Now download the drivers according to the Operating system of your computer, for simple reason of incompatibility of software and your printer.
  6. Click on the link of the driver and wait for it to download.
  7. After the completion of the download, head to the download folder and install the downloaded driver.
  8. Follow simple instructions to complete the installation, make sure you have connected your printer while installing the driver.
  9. After the installation gets completed you better test the printer by printing the test page.

This is the detailed procedure to be followed to have your printer compatible with your computer.

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