When NOT to Use SEO

A large part of our business is to provide professional search engine optimization services for small and medium enterprises. Therefore, you may be surprised to find that we persuaded ourselves to exit more SEO projects. Or, to be more precise, we advise our clients not to do SEO.

Many people have seen, heard and read various SEO success stories from friends, colleagues and business partners, and think, “Hey, that sounds great. How can I use it for my business?”

The problem of search engine optimization may be more important than any other online marketing strategy, and it is usually the wrong tool for work. No matter how much you want it to solve your problems and help you increase sales, it will not cut it.

Therefore, in order to help you evaluate whether SEO can be part of your comprehensive online marketing strategy, here are 5 reasons why SEO will not help you”

  1. You have a homemade product: The whole basis of SEO is to position your web page as an answer to a relevant search question. If the product or service you offer is so unique or fictitious, you can’t use SEO company for the simple reason that no one knows to search for it. A typical example is a company that came to us to implement an SEO plan for “dog wine”. The problem is twofold: wine is actually harmful to your dog, so no one will look for these keywords together unless it might be “dog wine poisoning.” Second, the product is not actually wine at all, but a gravy that is usually used to modify coarsely ground food. Therefore, while the product is real and can feed your dog, the correlation between the synthetic product category (dog wine) and the actual product (coarse additives commonly referred to as “dog gravy”) is beyond the scope of SEO. A better marketing solution we suggest is a trade PR campaign combined with blog comments, because the product needs to be explained to “get it”.
  2. Low search volume: The biggest problem we found is the low demand for keyword phrases related to the company’s products and services. No one wants to hear that what they sell is unpopular, or the best thing since sliced ​​bread. SEO exposes weaknesses in brand and product positioning. Sometimes SEO is considered a panacea for branding campaigns where product supply is insufficient or non-existent. SEO can’t work magic, and certainly can’t create demand that hardly exists or doesn’t exist at all. SEO works best when your product or service has a clear benefit to the person searching for it, because most searches start with “how do I…” or “how…”, assuming the answer to that question is Even being asked. Our keyword research will immediately expose these weaknesses.
  3. Unsupported efforts: Search engine optimization is becoming more and more complex, because one-time efforts, while still important, are not enough to sustain any short-term success. With the increasing importance of social media’s impact on SEO, businesses will need to invest in continuous social media efforts to improve their benchmark SEO results, as all major search engines have recorded social media signals entering and exiting the site to verify the site Permission for a specific topic (and a set of keywords). Therefore, investing in SEO is indeed a basic step that needs to be continuously strengthened through social media marketing, content marketing, and blogs.
  4. The website design is not set up for hkgseo: Although the layout of the website can be changed, this usually results in additional costs in order to change the layout of the website to make it ready for SEO. For example, the first problem is that all products and services are listed on one page. In order to perform proper SEO, each product or service must have its own page, because proper on-site SEO requires unique META tags, title tags, keywords, etc. Another obstacle is that when a customer has a website with a lot of Flash or refuses to put actual text and text on it, the website prefers images. SEO is about content, mainly text.

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