10 Amazing gift ideas for toddler’s birthday party

Choosing a gift for a friend is easy but sitting out what to give your neighbour’s toddler or nephew takes time. They have a lot going on in their little brain. It is hard to find out what they like.

Don’t stress over what to give instead play safe with popular gift choices? Kids are attracted to anything that catches their eye. Here are a few gift ideas that can get you through this birthday party and please the kid.

Naturally sweetened candy and toffees

Save the kid from consuming tonnes of harmful sugar. Gift packs of organically sweetened candy bars. These can be a little hard to find. Regular shops don’t choose taste over health. Play smart with this thoughtful gift. Like online cake shops, there are many organic candy selling sites if you look carefully.

Soft toys

Soft toys are harmless gifts. Kids can never have too many toys. Plus you get to choose from a large number of varieties there is hardly any chance that you’ll end up giving the same gift if you are being experimental with your choice.


Cotton bibs come in sets and can be a nice gift idea for a toddler who is still trying to master how to eat with their own hands. Bibs can save their cute dresses from food stains. You are helping out the mothers and saving them extra labour of washing the whole outfits.


Dolls have a long way to go. Now they are no longer just pretty girl figures. There are battery-operated dolls, dolls that can sing, etc. Don’t fall into the trap of gender stereotypes. Dolls can be a favourite toy for any kid, not just girls.

Hexagon playing zone

Toddlers need to have someone watching over them every minute of the day. They are restless and tend to explore every corner of the house with shaky steps which can often turn dangerous. A playing zone with barricades can help to create a boundary to keep the kid in place especially when the elders are occupied with unavoidable work.

Animal shaped school bag

A creative school bag can grow inserts of the toddler to go to school as they are often reluctant to leave their pool of toys. Cute school bags with animal designs are easy to carry for the kids and provide just the right amount of space to accommodate a small number of things that the kid will be needing in the school.

Small telescope

You can give the child a new hobby by giving a small baby proof telescope. Kids tend to become inquisitive at a very young age. They have millions of questions and everything gets jumbled up in their head. A telescope is a good start to knowing incredibly beautiful things.

Piggy banks

Unbreakable piggy banks made of fibre can be great gift-worthy items. Although these banks come in every shape and size, featuring forms of adorable animals, still it is popular by the name of a piggy bank. You can break traction by giving a unicorn bank if you please!

Cotton swing

If you want to drift away from your can give something unique then go with cotton swings. With parks slightly away from residence you can guarantee uninterested fun to the kid with his/her very own swing in the backyard. Cotton settings also come with a safety kit depending on the age of the child for which you are buying it.


Everyone loves cakes. But the kids who can see their imagination come alive on a piece of dessert get enthralled by it. You can gift a themed cake to the kid with all sorts of adorable animals or popular cartoon characters as edible figures on the top of the cake as toppings. Choose online cake delivery to save yourself the effort of carrying an artistic piece of cake from the bakery to the party venue.

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